The Two Hundredth and Eighty Fourth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

[Click image to enlarge.]

OK, cowboy- enough fucking around! Peel off your levis and jockey shorts…and don’t forget those snake-skin boots and sweat socks.

The sooner we get you bare-assed naked, the sooner the show can begin. Looking good, real GOOD. Why, I’ll just bet that fat cock of yours and low-slung balls haven’t seen the light of day like this in, well, maybe a coon’s age?

Say, while we’re getting things ready, why not make you put on a little, er, performance? You know- so we can see what kind of stud you really are? Right, wrap that calloused palm around the meat dangling between your legs…and get to work (just like you’ve done in one private place or other a thousand times before). Look folks, his hand’s shaking…and, do I detect the sheen of some unshed tears in those dark brown eyes?

Good job! We all knew you had it in you (snickers). Now, see that tiny whip over there? It’s called a penis flogger (but it works just as well on a man’s testicles). Once we get you completely stripped and chained to the post, well, I reckon we’ll start with that.

And, maybe give Suzie Lee, the foreman’s dishonoured daughter, the pleasure of taking the first swing.


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