Group Sharing for 12-12-20

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An experiment to see if we can help each other expand our enjoyment of the Net and TV!

If you see something you think others on this site might like, please share it in the Comments to this weekly Saturday post (click balloon in upper right corner) .

Movies, episodes, stories, websites, your own sites, even pay sites, special sales, etc. – be as descriptive as you like. Be sure to include the URL or Network.

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12 thoughts on “Group Sharing for 12-12-20

  1. what a great medieval type torture scene! and such length! why do they not make them like this any more nowadays in movies? where have the shirtless muscled heroes gone, who take torture like a man?

  2. Seriously, who else remembers the old “Sons of Hercules” movies? Almost every one of them had at least one good torture/feat of strength scene in them, with some massive muscleman flexing, sweating, and straining as he was tortured… Ah… the good old days of cheap Italian Sand and Sandal movies!

      • Occasionally someone takes a stab at resurrecting the genre, like the Kellan Lutz “Hercules.” And of course the entire “Spartacus” series was a descendant, though far sexier amd gorier. (A couple great whippings and a crucifixion, but unfortunately no out-and-out dungeon torture scene.)

        If I had $50 million to spare, I’d make a new sword-and-sandal
        with Nick Pulos in the lead….

    • This discussion gave me an idea… about a Real Chained Heroes version of what happened to Spartacus after the defeat of the rebel slave army? The ancient sources do not tell us anything about what happened to him after his army was defeated (many think he was crucified, but that is pure speculation). So, just imagine he was captured alive by the Roman commander Crassus……and taken to a secret prison….interrogated and tortured about the rebellion and the whereabouts of some comrades who escaped after the battle…and Crassus taking his sadistic revenge on Spartacus for the humiliation of having been defeated a few times by the slave-army…and finally Spartacus suffering the fate of a rebel runayway slave…..a brutal whipping and then the cross!!
      What do you think? A project to include in RCH plans….?!

      • Seems I had a great idea remembering old peplum momies and stars like Steve Reeves. Of course the recent Sand and Blood series are much more cruel and sexy thanks to the sadistic ladies involved. I love the way Roman citizens lived with their slaves. Nothing could stop them as slaves were considered like animals. What’s more, rich women could buy beautiful males and dispose of them in any way , whipping them to death or simply nail them on a cross to entertain some guests.
        Out of all human history, the Roman Empire remains the very best way of life ever.
        I think I must have experienced a rough life long time ago amongst slaves since I enjoy be chained up, suffering like hell for sexual pleasure.
        Be sure to introduce at least one beauty in your Spartacus second hard life. A most brutal brunette who loves to draw some blood with a sharp stylet across the obedientslave’s powerful chest. It all happened before you may say, but it’s a most exciting thing to do in front of female competition just to show off.
        Spartacus should never die, let him be crucified and tortured over and over, he must somehow be saved for ever…
        Best of luck to you
        obedientslave on

      • There MUST have been some members of Spartacus’ army who were captured and interrogated as to their battle plans… in my mental movies it’s usually Crixus and Agron who are taken to the dungeon and made to talk, though considering they’re the two toughest gladiators of them all, it must have taken weeks to break them…

      • I suppose we’re all anxious to know more about these two fierce gladiators being tortured in your movie mind.. please give us some innovating excitment

  3. I remember the Turkish movie “Battal Gazi Destani” had a great prolonged torture scene with a muscular shirtless hero. There is a “restored” version on Youtube, but alas!! they have cut parts from the torture scene in the restoration process, it seems. Does anyone have a link to the orginal version (with the sharp pointed weight being dropped from high on the naked chest of the hero, chained chest-up on the rack)?

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