4 thoughts on “Erik the Rebel, Part 6: Walk the Gauntlet – Written by Commander_nl, Illustrated by AfterDarK – 49th Installment

  1. Another fine installment, Afterdark and Commander. It’s just so … unfair. Deliciously so. Erik may be thinking, if oooooonly the roles were reversed and I were in that seat of power directing HIS beating. Instead, I am dragged half-naked and crying in pain through this line of mercilessly whipping men, some openly laughing and grinning like the duke, others bearing visages of … fascination for lack of a better word. Never having seen another man taken this far into such cruelty. Wondering how I must be feeling emotionally as well as physically. Fully at liberty to target the areas they believe will maximize my pain and greedily taking full advantage of that because, after all, it’s happening to me, not them. The bastards! It’s not fair!

    • thank you, Joe, for this great empathy with Erik! It is an honour for us to receive such a moving interpretation of image and text.

      • Couldn’t help myself, Commander. It was hot and no two ways about it. I love not knowing (to repeat an earlier theme) whether he’ll ultimately be fully strip-whipped or if some patch of cloth will remain.

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