7 thoughts on “Hamilton’s Vignettes – Danny Brennan Series, #1

  1. Hams- you are…a genius. Your models are exquisitely chosen, but the story line is, well, bad for my blood pressure (in a good way). OK, something personal here- kissing a guy does nothing for me…but the way you present the scenario is…fireworks!!!

  2. As a less sensational writer who’s thrilled to be able to observe these furious stripped male bodies in the hands of two masters, I couldn’t agree more with you Aquadude. Pointing out the ways a story/image is effective encourages the writer/artist and spurs added creativity — while letting him know how appreciated his efforts are. This piece is I think really powerful because he is, at least temporarily, clothed, albeit in almost indecently. He hangs his head in shame because he knows that he is not sitting there like that, almost nude, out of any desire on his own part, and that even those couple ounces of cotton likely will soon be confiscated. HOWEVER, Hamilton is equally adept with pre-stripped studs already placed on display, as in https://aquadude2001.wordpress.com/2019/01/26/hamiltons-vignettes-waiting/
    In that one, I like to imagine the guy in the terribly uncomfortable squatting position because, invisible to the viewer, there is a thin but exquisitely strong, short cord linking his cuffed hands, a device inserted in his rudely spread rectum and his ankles, encircling the base of his testicles and making standing impossible. No wonder he doesn’t want to speak! No man secured naked that way can possibly say a word, however seriously, however dripping with helpless rage, that would not inspire gales of laughter from his captor. And any forcibly naked man would rather be backhanded hard and repeatedly than taunted and made fun of.

  3. “No, don’t. Please. ” as I caressed his firm high butt cheek, and worked my fingertips under his waistband. But he didn’t pull away. He seemed to snuggle closer. I began to feel his cock distend as I worked my fingertips toward his anal ring. As I touched it, he moaned. “Like it?”
    “No, man, stop.”
    “Your body says yes.” He stared at the floor.
    I worked my other hand under the waistband, and pushed down. The elastic began to give, and slip down. Suddenly they were gone. My friend had pulled them down.
    “Don’t ” was all he said.
    “You’ve worked hard on you body. Show it off” and I stepped back, his arms still on mine. As i looked down, i saw an upward angled, thick, foreskinned dark cock with a magnificent dorsal vein, throbbing between us, already drooling a rivulets of gossamer precum, all the way to the floor. We both looked down and watched. He got even harder. Suddenly he gasped, and grabbed me tighter, and looked behind at my friend.
    “What the fuck?”
    My friend softly said, That’s your sphinter, son. Relax it. That’s better. Push out. That’s it. Feel that?” And Danny gasped.
    “That’s your prostate, Danny. Ever had it worked before?
    “No. Man. Easy please.”
    Danny relaxed again, and as I looked down I saw the flow of prostate secretion push from his meatus, just visible inside his thick foreskin. I reached down, stroked a single finger down his cock next to the dorsal vein, reached his foreskin and very, very slowly drew it back, exposing his bulging glans and prominent flaring corona, throbbing with his rapid heartbeat.
    His body shuddered, I watched his abs begin to contract, he gasped. his whole body arched backward as my friend finger ducked him rapidly, and he came in my hand. Well, some in my hand. The huge load shot all over both of us. At least 8 or 10 waves. Danny nearly collapsed in my arms. I eased him back onto the couch. All he said was
    “Oh fuck man.”
    It was gonna be a great night. My friend was undressing behind us.

    • Written highly erotically. A really excellent choice of words. ⭐ Downright breathtaking. But … But does it really always have to go straight to the point? Isn’t the best thing about the very, very long game that takes place beforehand (and most of it just in your own head)? 🤔

  4. A nice little appetizer of entertainment. Not consistent in the narrative, but pleasantly crackling when it comes to eroticism. 🔥 With such a sexy text illustration, that’s no wonder. Will readers learn what this mysterious weak point of Danny Brennan is? 🤔

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