4 thoughts on “Erik the Rebel, Part 6: Walk the Gauntlet – Written by Commander_nl, Illustrated by AfterDarK – 46th Installment

  1. Afterdark,

    Every time I upload a new set, my jaw drops. Like here … the different angles you are able to focus in on Erik is just incredible. I forget we’re not dealing with a live model here. It’s all coming from your hand. Just incredible!

    And you’re doing this for one of the most erotic hero-in-distress stories ever!!

    Kudos to both you and Commander!


  2. it’s amazing work indeed!

    erik is so wonderfully depicted in this series – afterdark has created such a beautiful canvass upon which commander’s brilliantly devised torments are being brought to life. i can’t wait to see the final 2 passes of the gauntlet!

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