5 thoughts on “The Two Hundredth and Seventy Seventh of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

  1. Why yes, yes, Amalaric, I do wish that sometimes. lol. Actually, I go back and forth on whether a slow, agonizing strip or an instantaneous surprise strip is more enjoyable (for the viewers, I mean.) There’s something highly jolting in the idea of a man fully, normally, appropriately clothed in one moment and then in the blink of an eye, stripped full cock-, balls- and ass-bare out of the blue, with no warning, no hope to retain coverage. This can entail magical situations, such as a man having the power simply with a thought to make another man’s clothing disappear instantly and completely, no matter where he is: the pitcher’s mound at a game being viewed by millions; directing traffic at a busy LA intersection; performing a country music concert at a giant outdoor theater that entirely circles the stage. (And yes, the horror of the waterpark when he’s just splashed down, trunks-free, into the 6-inch-deep pool at the base of the slide surrounded by guys waiting for their buddies to come down. Ugh. Too close to home lol.)
    In each case, it’s hard to say whether the instant of stunned incredulity on the part of the massive audience, the dawning humiliation of recognition on the hot but shy stud’s face or the erupting gales of laughter and catcalls and whistles raining down on him would be the hottest part of it. (Fortunately, we don’t have to choose.)
    It could also be as basic but shocking as three well-built thugs in facemasks, ballcaps and otherwise nondescript clothing pausing on a busy sidewalk as a hot bearded businessman passes, then lunging at him with no intent whatsoever to rob or physically harm him and in the space of about six seconds simply rip strip him head to toe, laugh as he stands suddenly naked save his useless black dress shoes and socks, helpfully point out with a laugh, “Dude, your on the street NUDE!” and flee before anyone could possibly react to apprehend them, leaving him fighting back tears of shame as he tries to find an alleyway or a store that will let him duck in for cover.
    So yes, there’s an enormous erotic power in a hot man “suddenly” finding himself nude and even restrained, unable to cover himself, in highly public settings.

    • I cannot understand your thoughts in any way. If a traffic cop were suddenly (to stick to your example) naked at his workplace, then there is nothing humiliating about it for him (as you suggest), nor anything ridiculous. A naked man is a naked man. Point. Every (!) naked man is beautiful, and if someone doesn’t feel that way, there is still nothing to laugh about. We just look what we look like. I know the reality is not like that, but if you were suddenly naked on the street, so what? There is no need to hide because of that. However, this is my German point of view, a country, in which at least male nudity, can be found every now and then in everyday street life.

      • Yeah, I think there’s a massive cultural distinction. Others can weigh in here if they like, but generally in the U.S., especially outside maybe only the very largest cities and even there typically, there is an enormous social sanction against public male nudity and, more powerfully, a tremendous embarrassment on the part of any male outside a committed nudist who should be seen that way accidentally or by force. It wouldn’t be a matter so much of public anger as public ridicule. And the particular man’s looks are almost secondary. In fact, a really strong, handsome man might well attract more laughter and incredulity in such a situation because (at least in U.S. culture) he has probably all his life subconsciously sought to ensure that his private areas are not seen except in very limited circumstances that he himself determines. (Sex, a locker room, etc.) Seeing that power taken from him and his illusions of control stripped away with his clothing is massively erotic to me and, I think, to a lot of people, even if they can’t put into words exactly what they find so hot about it. An instantaneously stripped-nude cop at a major intersection would almost certainly experience exquisite panic and flee for cover, and traffic would stop in stunned, appreciative admiration, if there were not wrecks outright because of the spectacle. Again, others may see it completely differently. I’m not “right” and they’re not “wrong.” Vive la difference!

  2. That’s what I do in my mind all the time, when I’m out and about in town.🚶‍♂️The intensive reading and immersion in the richly pictorial stories of Amalaric, has changed my perception permanently. Whether on the bus, on the street, or in the supermarket, I see Bucks 💪 walking around in full bloom all the time, and I notice, how I quickly assess, whether they would have the necessary qualities for MOSLA. ⛓Sometimes, when such an Alpha specimen was standing around, I wished I had snares nearby, for a quick & professional abduction of the buck. 🚚 They have become rare, but they can still be found in cities too.

    • I hear you, Bartolomeu. I like to imagine their strong self-confidence draining away in the space of a few moments as they’re expertly shackled and stripped and one of the smiling snares or yourself pats the buck on the bare butt and casually mentions to him something that one of Amalaric’s staff told some unhappy nude captive: Yeah, it’s maybe not the life you had planned for yourself.” (Or something to that wonderful effect.)

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