An Amalaric Memorial to Jeff (Topsail)

Rummaging in my files, I found some manips relating to Jeff,  I don’t think were posted on the Bunker.

This first set are manips I made for CM that Jeff had captioned:

[Click image to enlarge.]


The next set of manips was done by me for Jeff’s story, Trent Goes to SERE Training, when it was posted on CM, but not used when his later Revised Version of the story appeared on the Bunker.

These are numbered according to the chapters they illustrate in the story:

[Click image to enlarge.]


To go to the Revised Version of the TRENT story, click this URL: 

ÅgTrent Goes to SERE Tr#D324EA6

Or, go to BunkerContent / Literature / Authors/ Topsail


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