The Two Hundredth and Seventy Sixth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

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The muscular young prisoner finally approached the climax of his sentence. Forced to strip off all of his clothing, he waited, alone, under the harsh light of a single overhead for the appointed hour when he would be escorted from the holding cell to another place, almost a small amphitheatre, where he would be strung up and thoroughly flogged in full sight of a fascinated crowd.

For reasons he couldn’t understand or ever explain, the anticipation of his looming, and very public, whipping gave him a sexual buzz of unusual intensity. He shuddered and hung his head at the fresh humiliation.


4 thoughts on “The Two Hundredth and Seventy Sixth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

  1. Naked men whipped in public proved to be a very profitable enterprise. When men were flogged from shoulders to knees front and back profits soared.

  2. A short but intensive description of the situation, in which the delinquent finds himself. The precise language, the atmospheric choice of words are very fascinating, but then the final sentence brutally destroys the image, I had just drawn of the hero. Because with this final sentence he finally gives up. It’s understandable, and all too human, that in the end he gives himself up, but that’s not the hero I would have liked. My hero would have paid attention to his unusual feelings, and would have stepped into the arena, with a magnificent and proud erection, and would have met the many looks that rest on his genitals, with his head held high. 👑

  3. Love it, Bartolomeu! One of the best characteristics of a simple image is its ability to evoke a number of responses in a variety of viewers as a sort of ’empathetic’ bond is created between them. Your story would definitely work for me, but mine works for me better…wink!

  4. My Dear Amalaric, first off, thank you for your continuing outstanding work. None of your pix or stories ever disappoint. Regarding this one, I agree with you on the concept: each person takes their own interpretation, led on by your terse storyline. Regarding the last sentence, I very much liked it. The man was a prisoner, not necessarily a hero. He is terrified of his looming punishment, as any person would. The dread of the flogging is mind-crushing. I don’t see how he would overcome all this and march into the arena proudly erect (either way or both). His hardon further plunges him into dread and despair as the thought of finding his situation arousing humiliates him. He has enough of his particular brand of manhood left to abhor thinking of himself as a slave or sub or bottom. So, good work! Much thanks! I can hear him screaming already.
    steve mchalperin aka boybill.

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