2 thoughts on “Erik the Rebel, Part 5: Private Arena – Written by Commander_nl, Illustrated by AfterDarK – 34th Installment

  1. Afterdark,
    When you told me you were going to illustrate Commander’s masterful story, Eric the Rebel, the very first thing that popped into my mind was the “dog attack” I wondered if you were going to include that in the illustrations? How would you pull it off? It’s obvious you just love a challenge like this. And you’ve just plunged right in. FANTASTIC work!! (I’ve also peeked ahead a few images!)

    You are at the height of your artistic mastery. Thank you,

    PS. And you couldn’t have a better story to exercise your talent on!

  2. Many thanks, Aquadude.

    It’s also my concern how to do that.
    Until I fond the ‘DazDog’ product from Daz3D store, really easy to use.

    Another challenge is ‘Run the Gauntlet’ scene, how can I put more than 10 characters in one frame with my slow-rendering computer..

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