5 thoughts on “Hamilton’s Vignettes: Urban Unrest Yields Positive Benefits

  1. Great vignette. Fun to explore.
    Chapter one
    Dan had slept well. It was early; sun streamed in the window and warmed is morning erection. He reached down and stroked a few times, but stretched, got out of bed, walked to his bathroom, and turned on the shower, pushed out his harden, sudzed and rinsed off. Still hard, he walked from the shower, only to find Tyler, half naked, holding his towel. Tyler smiled, and dried him off paying special attention to his dick and balls.

  2. Tyler reached down and gave Dan’s cock a few slow strokes–who could resist? But stopped and told Dan the boss wanted him at breakfast. Dan reached for tee and shorts; Tyler stopped him and told him he wanted him without clothes.
    That’s when the nagging feeling of foreboding began.

  3. Breakfast was a short walk away. Tim and the boss were half done as he walked in and was served his favorite omelet, sausage, and coffee. Oddly, three large glasses of orange juice were there. As he finished, the boss told him to drink all three. He did and stood, the boss asking him to stay for a moment; commenting on how fresh he looked, and watched as his cock began to thicken. Then he asked Tim and Tyler clean him up inside, too. As they left breakfast, walking down the hall, dan began to feel his stomach start to cramp and gurgle.

  4. It must have been the orange juice this time, dan thought, and more cramping occurred, this time stronger. They picked up the pace hurrying down the long hall to the clean out room–a large room with three toilets, a large open shower and along one wall a latrine setup with a stainless steel bench framework suspended above a sloping grated large floor drain. They took dan to it, he hung his ass over the narrow bench, and felt a strong undeniable cramp as his anal sphincter suddenly let go and he involuntarily bore down.
    At first the normal turds shot out. Tim smiled and washed them away with one of the hose on the wall, while Tyler roped his thighs firmly to the bench and told him not to think about getting up for a while. Dan noticed both their long thick ducks were hardening up.

  5. Soon nothing but liquid shot out. The cramps abated, and soon it stopped. Dan felt emptied. The big exhaust fans cleared the air, and Tim rinsed the residue down the floor drain. Dan wondered why Tyler was still slowly jacking off, but he noticed tim pull down a thinner hose with a matching six inch stainless steel tip. He ran some water through it, which sprayed from the tip, and told dan he was going to warm him up. The next thing dan knew, he felt the tip of the enema probe at his anus, warm water spraying his cheeks. He involuntarily clamped his sphincters down, but the tip slowly dilated him, and he felt his rings give way. Tim advanced the hose up into his colon as dan clamped and released the warm water. Tyler seemed turned on and had to release his throbbing cock to not come. The enemas felt good, and watching Tyler, dan noticed his own rod thickening.
    Tim slowly withdrew the hose, and Dan pushed out the last of the now clear water. Tim rehung the hose and came round to face dan. His big dick was also rock hard. He peeled back the foreskin and pressed the tip against Dan’s lips. Dan knew better than to refuse, as tim fed him. Dan played in Tim’s foreskin with his tongue and ducked down the big veined cock, which made his own dick harder; but Tim withdrew, smiled and said they needed to get him down to the procedure room. Dan’s feeling of foreboding returned as he quickly detumesced. Tyler, even harder and with a throbbing cock untied him, and they walked him out the door and down the long hallway.

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