Celebrating Thirteen Years, Daily, of the Aquadude Bunker!

We began on September 15, 2007. Thanks to all of us who have hung in there!

For a little nostalgic fun, double-click this URL to revisit Our Fifth Anniversary Scroll:

5thAnniversaryScroll | #D1B4062

It may take a few seconds to open. Then click on image and click again for full screen.

Sharing the fantasy,



13 thoughts on “Celebrating Thirteen Years, Daily, of the Aquadude Bunker!

  1. many thanks and deep respect for such a site unique in the world!
    I can only say that this site is a part of my daily life and I can not imagine life without it anymore (I am not exaggerating).

    • Thank you for sharing so many amazing works through the years, created by you and others. It is generous, and it is hot! Happy Anniversary, and please be healthy and stay safe.

  2. Congrats and much thanks for your persistence and dedication to making all of us hard and dripping. I agree with one of the above comments, a daily dose of Aquadude’s site makes my day!
    steve mchalperin.

  3. congrats! and thank you for your tireless efforts to bring all this content to us. looking forward to many more anniversaries to come!

    i can’t remember the exact circumstances now, but i first came across your works on yahoo groups, and i’m just glad you decided to make the move here. incidentally, were you able to move all the content you had on yahoo groups over before the purge they did last year?

      • that was most fortunate – i didn’t know of the purge until it was too late. there was so much content from other groups that i would have otherwise tried to save, particularly some great text stories.

        am glad to hear that nothing was lost from the bunker at least! thanks again

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