“Jay Gives and Gets,” Another Episode from Payner’s Gym – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Nip and Tuck

Tom had no choice but to stop, although he really wanted to continue pounding Jay’s muscular body.  Roy retrieved some smelling salts from a first aid kit on the wall and forced Jay awake with the noxious ammonia fumes.  Jay hung there, groaning into the ball gag, drool slipping from his lips and dripping down his chin onto his chest.

“Let’s get us some beers, guys,” Tom said.  “I need a break.”

The three of them left the dungeon, left Jay hanging on the stone wall, his head almost on his chest in pain and despair.  The drool now dripped directly onto the cement floor.  Sweat was still streaming down his body.  His abs and chest throbbed.  He didn’t think he could take much more.  Maybe he’d black out again real quick and save himself more agony.  Then again, maybe not.  Tom was a total sadist.  Jay knew he would prolong the torture for as long as he wanted. 

He lost track of time.   

The torturers returned in an hour.  It felt like three hours to Jay.  His body had counted every aching muscle three times over.  Even his neck hurt from hanging his head down. 

The first thing Tom said was to Roy:  “Get the box of long pins.  I want to work over his nips.”

“Yes, boss,” came the familiar reply.  Roy walked over to the equipment wall and brought back a plastic box maybe four or so inches long. 

Jay’s innards turned to ice:  nips?  Pins?  Not a good combination.

Tom must have noticed the look of dread on Jay’s face. 

“Yeah, pins for your nips,” he growled.  “And they really hurt!  I was looking forward to this.  But first we have to exercise the little guys, wake them up so they’re ready to get pinned.”

He reached out and grabbed Jay’s nipples between his fingers.  Then he pressed down with increasing force.  Jay took it at first, but then his face contorted in pain.  His nips were still swollen from the earlier beating and super-sensitive to touch.  Tom was really bearing down as he started to pull Jay’s nipples out away from his chest.  Finally Jay yelled in pain; it just hurt too much to hold it in. 

“Y-a-a-h!  A-a-h!” tore through the cord gag, which was still in his mouth.  He trembled from the intense pain. 

Then Tom twisted his hands, rotating his grip on Jay’s nips.  More pain, more excruciating pain, more screaming and struggling against the stone wall and the chains.  Tom switched tactics.  He released Jay’s nips but then ran his index finger nails back and forth over the tortured man pegs.  At first it was a dull ache, but as Tom increased the pressure, the ache reshaped into an acute pain, then a bonfire.  Jay finally screamed again.  Tom grinned into his face. 

“Yeah,” Tom said.  “I think we’re ready for the needlework.”  He snorted a laugh at his little joke. 

Then he reached over to the box Roy was holding and withdrew the first pin.  He held it up so Jay could clearly see it.  This was not a regular pin by any stretch.  This one was some four inches long and much thicker than a sewing pin.  There was a small plastic bead at one end.  The tip looked odd, not a sharp point as one would expect, but slightly blunted.

“Do you like the tip?” Tom taunted.  “It used to be very sharp, but we filed it down a bit so it hurts more going in.  And it will hurt!” he added with a grin.  “Really bad, especially since the little guys are still swollen and sensitive.  Remember this next time we wrestle.  I think I’ll be on a winning streak against you.  Ha!”

He puckered Jay’s right nipple in his fingers and put the pin tip against the bottom of the nipple, partly into the aureole surrounding the swollen man peg.  Jay’s skin was still red from the brutal pounding.  Then he started to push upward on the pin, pressing the blunted tip against Jay’s pec peg.  The pain skyrocketed!  It went from zero to sixty in a second and Jay screamed in alarm at the invasion.  Tom pressed harder and the tip started to penetrate in short spurts, crashing its way through the tough layers of cartilage by brute force.  Jay could feel each step of the penetration as short stabs of agony from his pec.  He screamed at each fraction of a millimeter as the needle slowly worked its way into the base of his nipple. 

Jay happened to notice Tom’s face; it was contorted in sadistic lust.  He was totally enjoying torturing another guy, especially the muscular wrestler who had so horribly humiliated him. 

There was a painful, popping sound as the pin emerged from the other side of its penetration.  Tom continued to press until the pin ends were symmetrical.  Jay looked down at the pin, gleaming in the light.  It had pierced his nipple vertically.  He was surprised there was very little bleeding, just a drop where the thing had emerged through the skin of his aureole.  His sweat was slowly washing it down his chest.

Tom lost no time.  He grabbed another pin and started to insert it horizontally, crossing the first one.  Jay punctuated each tiny movement with a howl of pain.  The metal tip was forcing its way through very sensitized and swollen flesh, doubling the agony.  Finally, emergence, a screaming emergence.  Another drop of blood joined the tiny rivulet on his chest. 

Tom then turned his attention to Jay’s left nipple, repeating the double penetration.  Jay screamed and struggled accordingly, fueling Tom’s torture lust.  Jay also felt like he was losing control of his body.  His big right thigh muscle was quivering and shaking and his shoulder delts and biceps were cramping from all the crazed struggling. 

Tom stepped back to admire his work.  Roy handed him a cell phone and he took a few pictures of Jay’s tortured chest. 

“Yeah,” Tom said to himself.  “This is good work.  These pix will fetch a good sum on the net.  You probably didn’t notice it, Jay, but this whole session has been videotaped.”  He pointed to a small camera tucked in a corner of the ceiling.  It’s red eye was glowing, a match for Jay’s red torso. 

“So, who can we send the pix and the video to?” Tom taunted.  “I might show the other guys, that is, if they don’t believe you when you tell them what I did.  I’ll send you a copy of the pix so you can see for yourself.  Hey, maybe you’ll be discovered as a star for some S&M site.  Big bucks, there, my friend.  There are a few sites that specialize in real pain, not the fake shit.  I think you’d agree that you had a dose today, right?”

Jay weakly nodded his head.  He was nearing the end of sanity. 

Tom surprised him, however:  “OK, guys, take the fucker down and stuff him in a cage.  Keep the pins in his chest and stuff something big up his ass to keep him company.  We’ll let him stew overnight.”

“Yes, boss,” the two men answered, jumping at the command. 

Jay’s ankles were released from the chains and cuffs and the two guys moved his legs together under him.  Then his wrists were uncuffed.  They had to hold him up; he had no strength left to support himself and almost sagged to the ground. 

He was dragged out of the dungeon into another small room.  This one had two dog cages in it.  The cage doors were both open.  Starting with his head, they forced Jay’s body into the cage on the right.  It was long but low and narrow.  His head stopped at the bars on the far side as they continued to stuff him into the cage.  His arms were forced to his side.  They were pressed against the bars and he couldn’t move them.  Finally they bent his legs and got his feet in. 

Jay’s position in the cage left his butt sticking up and out over his bent legs.  One of the bruisers had a large, rubber dildo with him.  He lubed it up with his own spit and then roughly shoved it into Jay’s asshole.  Jay grunted from the pain but even in his daze his face blushed deep red at the humiliation. 

The door was swung shut and locked with a large, brass padlock.  There was no need to chain Jay’s wrists or ankles.  The cage was so small it would be impossible to move. 

Jay was aware of all this, although incapable of meaningful action or even thought.  He was so spent he simply let the two guys do whatever they wanted.  Roy and Charlie double checked that the cage door was locked.  Then the left the room, turning off the lights as the left.

Jay was in darkness.  His torso ached from the pounding it had taken.  His wrists and ankles hurt from his own struggling.  His cock and balls ached from the cords that had bound and stretched them.  His ass and gut were stuffed with the large dildo, generating an unusual sensation, not wholly unpleasant.  He rationalized the pleasure thinking that he was forced into this, he didn’t do it voluntarily, but, none the less, it was slightly sexy.  Was that a tingle in his dick? 

The pins continued to torment his nipples.  As he breathed they rubbed against the metal bottom of the cage, renewing the pain.  But at least there was no increase in pain for a change.  Stable, aching pain was better than steadily increasing pain.  His thoughts were still muddled from the beating.  Maybe he slept.  He wasn’t sure, but he did have horrible dreams and woke up a few times, sweating and yelling pointlessly in the darkness.  He almost panicked a few times as he tried to stretch or move his limbs.  All he could feel was the thick, metal bars of the cage. 

Time dilated in the dark, tight, cage confinement.  It felt like he was imprisoned there for days, but it really was only twelve hours.



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