“Jay Gives and Gets,” Another Episode from Payner’s Gym – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Return to Consciousness

Jay woke up slowly. The drug had worn off, but not the after-effects. His head was still swimming and he had trouble focusing his eyes.

The first thing he realized was that he was spread eagled against a stone wall. His arms and legs were splayed out and cuffed in something tight and he could feel the rough stone against his shoulders and ass. The room was only dimly lit, a low wattage bulb hung on a short cord in the center of the room.

Then he realized he was naked, in spread eagle bondage and naked. Not a good beginning. He remembered laughing and talking with Tom and his friends in a bar somewhere. They were all drinking beer freely; Tom was paying. He then remembered getting very dizzy, having trouble speaking, and then – only darkness until now. What was going on?

He was startled when he looked to the right. The stone wall was covered with whips, paddles, leather and metal things, all sorts of strange devices, all clearly with one purpose: inflict pain. He panicked when he realized the pain was to be inflicted on him! In his panic he jerked and pulled against the cuffs on his wrists and legs. The cuffs were attached to short chains which led to eyebolts in the stone. He pulled as hard as he could; they didn’t budge. All he did was hurt his wrists and ankles. The bondage would hold him fast. No escaping from whatever was going to happen.

At that moment corner lights came on, brightening the room. Tom and his buds came down the wooden steps noisily talking and laughing. They were wearing only black jock straps. Tom’s muscular build stood out in the minimum garment. His cock also stood out, bulging out the jock pouch. His buddies were big guys, but both were a little on the pudge side. The pudge couldn’t hide solid musculature, however. All three were big men packing a lot of muscle. That did not look very good to Jay. He pulled and jerked again against the metal holding him splayed out. Pointless, just as before. All he did was hurt himself.

Tom casually walked over to the equipment wall and picked up a large, rubber ball gag. He handed it to Roy who shoved it into Jay’s mouth and buckled the strap behind his head. Jay was going to say: “Look, I’m sorry for . . .” but only garbled syllables came out.

Tom then stood directly in front of Jay, their chests almost touching, their cocks mashed together.

“You totally humiliated me in front of all the guys in the club,” he said quite calmly. “I will never forget that. I also demand revenge. It won’t erase what happened, but it will make me feel better. It will also be a lesson to you, and the other guys if you should tell them. NEVER beat me in a submission bout. NEVER! I don’t give a fuck about regular wrestling. In fact, do you best, let’s have a good grapple. But if it’s a submission match, from now on to eternity you will let me win over you and claim my prize. MY prize, not yours. Never again yours. Do you understand, boy?”

Jay nodded his head in agreement, trying to placate the crazy guy and keep him semi-rational. He could only imagine what fury Tom could release if he got really mad. Jay voiced “Yes, yes,” over and over as he nodded, but only a garbled vowel came out: “Eh. Eh.”

Capt’n Tom then turned to Charlie: “Tie up his junk. Get his cock out of the way.”

Jay knew from earlier episodes of gut punching that the vic’s junk was often tied with cord and drawn down between his legs. This freed up the lower abs for punching without a hardon arching up and getting in the way.

Charlie got some twine from the wall, wrapped it several times around Jay’s hardon and ball sack. He tied it off tightly and threaded the free end through a small metal eyebolt in the floor directly under Jay’s crotch. He jerked the cord in until Jay grunted from the tug on his junk, then he tied the cord off to the metal eyebolt.

“There, boss,” he said to Tom. “Cock and balls out of the way. Ready for action!”

Jay’s innards turned to ice in fear. He knew exactly what was coming: a gut punching of a lifetime.



2 thoughts on ““Jay Gives and Gets,” Another Episode from Payner’s Gym – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 7

  1. Incredible set-up. It’s perfect that Jay knows he’s about to get a wicked stomach beating. Lower abs punching is the hottest. Can’t wait for the next chapter, thanks!

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