“Jay Gives and Gets,” Another Episode from Payner’s Gym – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Boot Gut Punching

No one knew what Jay was going to do for this second round of punishment. They were even more bewildered when Jay went over to Tom’s locker and took out one of Tom’s wrestling boots. These were specially designed for wrestling. The fabric sides were higher than regular sneaks by a few inches, more like “high tops,” and laced up to the top. The soles were semi-flexible but thick and heavier than sneaks. Wrestlers wore them with or without socks as they preferred. Virtually all wrestling boots were black, although some college teams have started to sport colors coordinated with their singlets.

Tom glared at Jay as he returned and stood in front of him. Jay didn’t say a word but inserted his right hand into Tom’s boot, pushing his fingers all the way to the front, his palm to the sole. Then he held out his hand to Andy.

“Lace it up on my hand,” he ordered. “Tight!” he added. Andy did as he was asked, pulling the laces in tightly and sealing Jay’s hand in the boot.

Everyone immediately grasped what Jay was going to do. This had never been done before, gut punching with a guy’s own wrestling boot. The thick sole was surely going to do a lot of damage, but there was also the element of humiliation. Nobody would ever look on wrestling boots the same way. They would always think of what Jay was going to do to Tom.

Jay wasted no time. He moved to Tom’s right side and delivered a roundhouse to his navel. The boot thudded against Tom’s skin, sweat flew out in a random spray, and Tom screamed from the extreme pain. His abs were already hyper-tender from the earlier pummeling, and the boot magnified the impact of the blow.

Then Jay tried a few jabs with the toe of the boot and quickly realized that with the boot on he was limited to roundhouse punches. Jabbing with the front of the boot hurt his own hand as it compressed his finger tips, so he stuck to the roundhouses, varying the combinations and working up and down Tom’s muscular torso. The locker room again reverberated with thud/scream, thud/scream. “A-a-a-h-h!” wailed from Tom’s gagged mouth and he again pulled like a wild animal against the ropes holding him captive.

Jay stopped for a minute to get his breath. This gave Tom a brief respite so he could get his own breath, which he took in short, shallow gasps. He was in agony. New deep red blotches spotted his abs against the background of totally reddened flesh.

When the punishment started up again, Jay focused on Tom’s pecs. It was a piercing agony when the thick boot sole thudded against Tom’s tenderized nipples. It sent fire from his chest to his brain and he screamed all the louder. Jay brutalized Tom’s pecs. After a dozen blows the guy’s nips were bright red and swollen up. Everyone expected them to burst open and spurt blood, but that did not happen. They just continued to swell up further.

Finally Jay stopped. “I’ve had enough. I’m done!” he said.

Andy broke the silence of the group: “Good job, Jay. One of the best gut workouts I’ve seen.” There were murmurs of agreement as the other guys moved in close to feel out Tom’s body. They ran their finger tips up and down his brutalized abs, gliding over the red, sweaty skin; the ridges of ab muscle; the pecs and highly swollen man pegs. Tom just glared at everyone. He was still taking shallow breaths. His breathing surely hurt as the punished solar plexus tried to move up and down.

Someone offered Jay a water bottle, which he drained without stopping. Andy put one to Tom’s mouth but he sharply turned his head away in rejection. He was still furious with hatred.

Unfortunately there was to be no let up in the humiliation and abuse for the submission loser. He was untied from the locker doors, but his hands were quickly retied behind his back. He was then force-marched into the shower room for the second phase. They kept the gag in place, which was a good idea, since Tom cursed and ranted as each of the team members, starting with Jay, had their way with the young muscle man’s unwilling body. It was just guys messing around, of course, but Tom took it very seriously.

Everyone got a needed shower, changed back into civilian clothes. Nobody said a word, however, as Tom forcefully put his clothes on and stormed out of the gym.



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