“Jay Gives and Gets,” Another Episode from Payner’s Gym – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Tom Gets the Crap Beaten Out of Him

In the locker room Andy asked Jay how he wanted Tom secured for the punishment round.

“Put him against the lockers, back to the metal. Spread out his arms and legs in a spread eagle and tie him to the locker doors with cord. I’m not going to use any gloves, just my bare fists.”

“You got it,” Andy replied. The other wrestlers moved to carry out Jay’s command.

Tom looked like he could have spit bullets he was so mad as he was spread out and tied to the lockers. Jay liked the look of the big muscle man spread out in bondage. Andy asked if Jay wanted Tom gagged.

“Yeah,” Jay said. “That’s a good idea in case he starts cursing me out. Run a cord through his mouth and around his head a few times. That’ll garble him good.”

Andy forced Tom to open his mouth by pressing the cord against his lips. Tom was resisting every inch of the way. Finally Andy got the cord in between his teeth and pulled his cheeks back. He added two more tight wraps and then tied the cord off at the right side of Tom’s head. Tom shook his head furiously in a futile attempt to dislodge the cord gag. He shouted something, but nobody could understand what he was saying. This made him even madder. His face turned red with rage.

Jay compounded Tom’s humiliation by smiling into his face. “You lost, I won. And this is your reward,” he said, pulling his right arm back for the first punch.

It was a jab just right of center of Tom’s navel, squarely on a mound of ab muscle defined by hairy ridges. And it was a jab with force. There was a strong spla-a-t sound as Jay’s right fist slammed into Tom’s stomach, fist smashing into tensed muscle. Tom went nuts in the bondage and screamed wildly into the gag: “A-a-a-h-h-h! A-g-h!” resounded in the small locker room. A red blotch appeared on his skin.

Jay jabbed again, same location but on the left, and followed it with a one-two-three combo of strong jabs, same area. Tom screamed again in agony and pulled like a feral animal on the ropes holding him splayed out and totally exposed to the punishment. The room echoed in fist on flesh splats, animal screams of pain, splat, scream, splat, scream. Sometimes Jay grunted with the force of his punches. Grunt, splat, scream, over and over.

Jay looked up at Tom’s face. It was still red with rage and the fire had returned to his eyes. Jay decided not to smile in derision, but simply went back to punching Tom’s torso. He did a series of roundhouses, left, right, left, right to Tom’s outer abs, punishing the thick musculature with his fists. More screaming, but now interspersed with desperate gasps for breath. That was one of the more tormenting aspects of gut punching. The punches hurt like all hell and the body automatically screamed from the pain. The problem was it took breath to scream and it was progressively harder and harder to breathe. The real problem set in when the puncher focused on the solar plexus with fierce uppercuts. This is the main muscle inflating and deflating the lungs and when it’s punished with repeated punches, it can spasm and interfere with breathing. The vic starts to feel like he’s suffocating. The body’s solution is very short, rapid breaths, whenever possible, in between screams.

Jay knew this and slammed Tom’s thick abs with upper cuts just below the rib cage, targeting the solar plexus. Tom redoubled his screaming as the internal muscle was brutalized and his breathing got harder and harder. Now his whole gut was on fire, aching with deep, internal pain. His torso was bright red from crotch to rib cage.

Jay then changed his attack focus to Tom’s thick pecs. He jabbed and stabbed at each pec, centering on Tom’s nipples. They quickly erected from the stimulation, which increased the pain from each punch. Wham! Wham! Wham! Jay jabbed and cut into Tom’s pec muscles until they also now glowed an angry red. Jay grunted from the strain of his punches; Tom screamed from the pain. The sound of bare fists hitting firm muscle preceded each agonized yell. Grunt/splat, scream/gasp. The same pattern over and over as Tom descended into the hell of a total gut punching.

Both men were drenched in sweat, their muscles gleaming in the locker room lights. Rivulets ran down Jay’s face and chest. His arm and shoulder muscles were mounded from the strain. Tom’s whole body was pumped from struggling against the bondage, trying to escape the unending torment, trying to breathe and scream at the same time. The light caught sweaty streaks on his face, chest, and legs. Sweat even dripped from his distended cock, pulled down by the cord.

Jay saw the quiver in Tom’s gut first. Then Andy called out to him: “Jay! Stomach cramps!”

Jay answered him: “Yeah, yeah, I see it. Get the freakin’ bucket.”

The small waves of cramps were the visible signs Tom’s stomach was reacting to the punching by getting nauseous. Gut punching moves the food around in very unusual ways, which disturbs the stomach’s normally smooth musculature. The result is nausea.

One of the wrestlers in the circle around the mat grabbed the small plastic bucket from the floor and rushed in to hold it under Tom’s mouth and chin. It didn’t take long for the upchuck. Wave after wave of very painful heaving emptied Tom’s stomach into the bucket. It looked like Tom forgot one of the basic rules of gut punching; don’t eat anything ahead of time. Then again, he was cocky enough to think he would easily win.

There was a big advantage of a cord gag: the vic could vomit through it. Tom’s brutalized solar plexus was driving the whole thing and every contraction renewed the internal agony. Eventually Tom hit the dry heaves where the vomit reflex is still active but there’s nothing left in the stomach.

“Wash his mouth out,” Jay ordered. “So he can yell some more,” he added. Another guy got a squirt bottle of water and flushed it into Tom’s mouth, adding to the liquid in the bucket.

Jay went into the toilet off the locker room and relieved himself at a urinal. Then he came back to give Tom another round of punishment.

“I’m going to try something different this time, Tom,” Jay said to the big guy spread eagled in front of him. “You’re not going to like it,” he added.

Tom steeled his face, still enraged. He said something which sounded obscene, but the cord gag garbled it nicely.



1 thought on ““Jay Gives and Gets,” Another Episode from Payner’s Gym – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 4

  1. Wow. Tom might not like what’s coming next, but I have no doubt your readers will, Steve. This chapter is smoking hot. Love the science of gutpunching thrown in, and especially how Tom suffers and struggles through the relentless torture. Can’t wait for more, thanks!

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