“Jay Gives and Gets,” Another Episode from Payner’s Gym – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Jay and Tom Have At It

Financial Andy left mat center and took up the ref position to the side. The other guys formed a circle around the mat. There was no bell; the wrestlers simply started the grueling ordeal. Oil wrestling is difficult. Normal gripping of an arm or leg is totally confounded by the slippery skin. Strength helps, but it’s no guarantee a move will be successful if the other guy’s limb just slides out of your grip. It requires a change in overall strategy and many wrestlers can’t make the switch. Instead of standard gripping, scissor locks are more effective. Instead of trying to pull an opponent off balance for a takedown, you have to push the guy over. It’s a balance between shear force and finesse. Mentally Jay granted Tom the shear force advantage, but he himself had the finesse.

Tom also knew this very well and he had the beef to push anyone over. Plus, anybody caught between Tom’s massive thighs was surely doomed. He could squeeze the starch out of anyone. Once the opponent was weakened, he would then go for the takedown. Jay also knew these things, but he had his own, stealthy ideas about oil wrestling. Instead of brute force pushing, he used tripping. He could place his ankle in front or in back of an opponent’s feet, make the guy move with a threatening move on his part, and when the guy reacted, going forward or back, boom. Over he went. Then Jay pounced on his vic, pinning the guy’s shoulders for a win. It was simple, unexpected, and enormously effective.

The two circled each other, torsos angled forward, knees slightly bent, hands out in standard beginning position, dicks starkly erect. Plus, their eyes were riveted on the other guy’s body, looking for the slightest hint of an aggressive move. One advantage of wrestling naked is all the opponent’s muscles are in view and the slightest tensing can be seen a fraction of a second before the actual move.

Jay knew Tom would attack first and he did. Tom shot his right arm out, pivoted to the left, and went for Jay’s upper right arm. He gripped Jay’s bicep and tricep in a vice; his hand was like a paw and very strong. Oil to the rescue: Jay jerked and slid his arm free. Lesson one in oil wrestling: Gripping oiled skin with one hand doesn’t work.

Tom continued the attack, twisting his body to the right and reaching down at the same time. He was going for Jay’s lower thigh, a few inches above the knee, this time with both hands. If successful, he could upend Jay onto the mat on his back, one step away from a quick pin. Jay countered by grabbing Tom around the neck with both hands locked together to avoid sliding. This pulled the two closely together, chest to chest, and thwarted Tom’s plan. He couldn’t topple Jay with the guy hanging onto his neck. Tom flailed his arms trying to break Jay’s neck hold. Their erections mashed in what would be pleasurable in any other circumstance.

Tom changed his strategy. He locked his arms around Jay’s chest and started a ferocious bear hug. Jaw felt the effect immediately – he had trouble breathing. This spurred him to quickly use a stealth move. He planted his right lower leg behind Tom’s legs and simply pushed against the big guy. The two of them tumbled to the mat, Jay on top. Tom recognized the danger he was in, on the mat on his back, so he used his leg strength to leverage a flip, winding up on top of Jay.

Jay was running out of options, so he used the lack of rules for submission wrestling to his advantage. He broke his hold on Tom’s neck, reached down between their tensed abs, and grabbed Tom’s nut sack in his hand. He quickly squeezed as hard as he could. Tom bellowed his pain. In his flailing rage he accidentally released his grip around Jay’s chest. Jay quickly slid out from underneath his opponent and bounced up onto his knees beside Tom but still gripping Tom’s balls. Tom continued to yell and flail his arms in frustration.

Jay’s problem was that Tom was chest down to the mat and not on his back. Jay took advantage of Tom’s nut-pain distraction to work his right leg under Tom’s. Then he raised his leg, prying Tom’s lower body off the mat. He let go on Tom’s ball sack and quickly grabbed Tom’s wrist with both hands. He twisted Tom’s wrist so the guy’s elbow locked and his arm was out stiff. Then, with his leg still under Tom’s legs, Jay sharply bent his upper body forward, forcing Tom’s body to flip onto his back like flipping an egg in a frying pan. It was a standard wrestling move and even had a name: over easy.

With Tom on his back, Jay disengaged his leg, quickly pressed his chest against Tom’s. Tom furiously pounded the mat with his hands and feet, but was unable to get out from under Jay who spread his own arms and legs out for stability. Then, again thanks to oil, Jay easily slid his chest up a few inches to nail Tom’s shoulders to the vinyl. Boom. It was over. Financial Andy yelled the pin. Wild cheering broke out from the circle of guys around the two as Jay lifted himself off Tom’s big body. Jay extended his hand to Tom to assist him getting up, but Tom refused the offer. It was clear he was furious with the loss. His jaw was set and his teeth clenched. Fire glowed in his eyes.

“You cheated!” he shouted. “You grabbed my balls! You didn’t play fair!”

Andy intervened: “Tom, this is submission wrestling. You can’t cheat because there are no rules! Everything’s legal. You know that as well as anyone.”

Tom realized he had no case, but he still remained mad. When Andy turned to Jay to ask what he wanted to do as the winner, Tom’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“No!” he yelled. “This ain’t right! I’m the better wrestler and I’m much stronger!”

“You probably are the better wrestler and you certainly are stronger than Jay,” Andy responded. “But Jay won the match. It was a submission match, so you have to submit! That’s the only rule left and you can’t cheat it! I know you don’t want it, but, buddy, you’re going to take it because you’re a stud of a man. You know that. We all know that!”

Tom relaxed his jaw a fraction as his fate finally sunk in. He was going to get some kind of punishment right away and then subject to humiliating shenanigans in the showers.

Andy asked Jay again: “Jay, what do you want to do?”

“Simple,” Jay replied. “I want to punch his abs until he upchucks and then I’ll punch him some more!”

“You got it,” Andy replied. He turned to the circle of other wrestlers: “OK, guys, take Tom to the locker room for some heavy duty gut punching.”



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