“Jay Gives and Gets,” Another Episode from Payner’s Gym – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Match Day

Jay was totally pumped up, physically and psychologically, for the upcoming match. His work in the gym had indeed toughened his muscles. Several nights leading up to match day, he got plastered on Jack Daniels and had celebration JOs ahead of time. He could see the look of total surprise on Tom’s face when he pinned him in thirty-seconds by his stealthy moves. He also mapped out exactly what he was going to do to the team captain for the submission part of his victory. He was going to push him against the lockers, spread his hands and feet widely apart, and tie them off with rope. Then he was going to gut punch the shit out of the arrogant man. He planned to get Tom to the usual upchuck stage, but not to stop the punching until the guy was screaming himself hoarse. Then it was off to the showers for the second part, the humiliation and abuse. He would make Tom suffer physically and mentally, the perfect reward for winning a submission match.

Thursday came soon enough and the club gathered in the gym that night. Someone told Mr. Payner about the planned bout, and the fat perv moved his chair in closer to the blue vinyl mats than usual. There was electricity in the air. This was going to be the match of the year.

Jay and Tom showed up after the others. They said nothing to each other, but did glare a bit. Intimidation is always part of wrestling. Few non-wrestlers grasp the psychological and mental aspects of the sport.

Everyone stripped down in the locker room. The other club members changed into singlets or just jock straps. Tom and Jay were naked. Financial Andy came over with two small bottles of oil, and handed one to each of the combatants. Tom and Jay could oil up their own chests, arms, and crotches, but needed help for their backs, asses, and their legs. There was no lack of hands eager to spread the oil over their bulging muscles. Boners popped out aplenty, including the combatants.

They all marched out of the locker room, Tom and Jay at the front of the parade, hardons swinging in the breeze, oiled muscles shining. Payner made a few strange, gurgling sounds when he saw the herd of young muscle studs emerge from the locker room. Everyone ignored him.

Andy had been elected to be the ref for the evening. He motioned for the two naked wrestlers to come to center mat. Their oiled bodies glistened in the bright gym lights.

“Y’all know the rules for submission wrestling. It’s real simple. There’s only one round, and no scoring. First to pin wins. No holds are barred. It’s a total free for all. And, lastly, the winner has choice of what is done to the loser. The loser will submit willingly or unwillingly, in which case we will all step in and make sure the winner gets to do what he wants. That’s it, guys. Good luck!”



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