New Story: “Jay Gives and Gets,” Another Episode from Payner’s Gym – by Steve Mchalperin

For Jay and other GPers

Chapter 1

Wrestling Club.

Wrestling as a school sport is often the port of entry for some men into the world of male on male BDSM. Painful holds, tight singlets, muscular participants, all the elements that some young men enjoy, often in a state of arousal. This leads to wrestling fantasies, which evolve to torture-based fantasies. In the fantasies the young man selects either a dominant role as torturer, or a submissive role as the guy being worked over. There are a few instances where the young man entertains both roles, but that’s a tad rare. The BDSM wiring is cemented by frequent JOs to these fantasies. The guy might have found sites for Turkish oil wrestling, which is truly incredible. Over the years the fantasies may further evolve into various kinks, such as leather, bondage, electro, etc., or stay focused on wrestling itself.

In both high school and college wrestling there is a challenge which occasionally comes up between rivals, or even close friends, called submission wrestling. While there are extensive rules for sport wrestling, there are almost no rules for submission bouts. The few which exist include: winning the bout is the first to pin, and the winner literally has his way with the loser. The latter is the submission part. Sometimes the guys get oiled up to increase the level of difficulty; this usually involves dispensing with the singlets, jock straps, and wrestling boots. Submission wrestling is also a “no holds barred” event, again attesting to the lack of rules. Attacks on a wrestler’s junk are expected. Screaming is permitted, even encouraged. The other wrestlers serve as referees. As a bonus, everyone gets a boner.

Jay Borden was a member of a wrestling club formed with friends after graduation. They all had good jobs – Jay was in IT – but none was married. The club met twice a month in a gym where they “rented” access to the mats. The rent was in the form of allowing the gym owner, a Mr. Paynerr, to observe the bouts and after-wrestling grab-assing in the showers. Clearly Paynerr was a perv, but he stayed off to the side and never interfered. It was a cheap rent to pay; the guy was a harmless voyeur.

One Thursday night, when the guys were getting dressed in the locker room after an evening of rough wrestling, the unofficial team captain, Tom McElroy, approached Jay with a challenge. At thirty-two, Tom was the oldest member of the wrestling club and was the only member who hadn’t met in school. The rest of the guys were in their mid-twenties.

“So, Jay,” he said sidling up to him. They were both in skivvies. “You have an unusual style of wrestling. Sort of a surprise method, right?”

“Yeah, Tom,” Jay answered, adjusting his junk in his briefs. “I like to play around with my opponent’s head as well as his body.”

“I go for strength moves,” Tom replied, flexing his thick upper right arm. “Works for me,” he added.

Jay smiled his answer.

“So, I was thinking,” Tom continued. “Why don’t we have a showdown as to which way is best?”

“Well, we’ve had a few matches, you and me, and I think it’s kind of split as to who won,” Jay said.

“Yeah, yeah, I know that. But I was thinking about raising the stakes a bit, like having a submission match, you and me.” Then he added: “Winner take all! Or maybe I should say ‘looser takes all.’ Ha!”

Jay hesitated for a moment. He was surprised at the challenge, but also hesitant to commit. The club hadn’t had a submission bout in several months, just regular wrestling. Jay knew there was a tremendous amount of pride and prestige for the winner of a submission match, but there was also a heavy dose of pain for the loser and humiliation in the showers. There was an element of respect for the loser, strange as it might sound. The other guys admired his ability to take the pain without blubbering. When a guy can survive fifty gut punches and still look at the puncher with defiance, that counts for a lot. ‘He took his licks like a man’ was the general reaction.

“So?” Tom pressed. “What’s it going to be, big guy? Afraid?”

That was all Jay had to hear. “No fuckin’ way I’m afraid!” Jay blurted out. “You’re on, man!”

“Whoa!” Tom grinned. “That was quick!” He reached out to shake Jay’s hand. They tried to crush each other’s hands in the handshake. The other guys in the locker room gathered round the two, attracted by hearing the magic phrase ‘submission wrestling.’

“OK, champ,” Tom continued: “Oil? Naked?”

“You bet, fucker!” Jay replied. “Let’s do the whole thing!”

A cheer went up from the other guys in the locker room. A butt naked, oil wrestling bout was a rare and very sexy event. It would be Testosterone City. Andy Wetzel, a financial guy, started a pool. “Fifty bucks gets you in!” he shouted. There was laughter all around, but money quickly changed hands. Odds favored the team captain, but Jay was unfazed, confident in his abilities.

The event was set for the following Thursday. Over the ensuing week, both guys furiously worked out in the gym to toughen up their bodies. They were fit dudes to begin with, wide shoulders, big chests, and narrow waists and hips. Tom, who had thick upper arms and massive thighs, was stronger than Jay overall, but strength is only one component of wrestling. Jay specialized in stealthy moves, taking his opponents by surprise. As in chess, there are sequences in wrestling that have proven effective. Many even have names. Jay liked to turn the sequences upside down. This often bewildered his opponent long enough for Jay to make another totally unexpected move, crash the guy to the mat, and go for the pin. It was going to be a very interesting bout. The other members of the wrestling club were eager to see the matchup between the two studs – and to see how the betting turned out. They also wanted to see the brutal punishment of the loser.




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