Follow Up Art from AfterdarK

AfterdarK is generously sharing this series of images with us that show the image posted here a couple of days ago, in its original setting on his Patreon Site.  –Aquadude

AfterDarK’s Patreon Page:

[Click image to enlarge.]








2 thoughts on “Follow Up Art from AfterdarK

  1. Again, My apologies to AfterDark for not acknowledging his site as the source of the incredible artwork that inspired my little story, and I hope that I could use a few more of his pics for a follow-up…

  2. This is some of the HOTTEST art I’ve ever seen! Sexy hero, huge thick muscles to absorb hours, days, weeks, MONTHS of hard torture. And no matter how hard and thick and tough his pecs are, a man’s nipples are always sensitive, vulnerable pain-receptors! But this Special Operator has been TRAINED to resist torture, so he will just clench his fists, grit his teeth, and ENDURE whatever punishments his captors inflict on his super-body. We need a whole SERIES (pics and text) to detail this man’s suffering!

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