“Danny’s Ordeal” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Ding! Pain Conditioning Round 2

Gerry continued his announcement: “The first test involved stretching, and you took it well. The second test involves compression. We are going to put you in various leg scissors and press down hard. Just like the first time, you have to try to escape despite the pain. It’ll be rough but we all think you can take it. To begin, I want you to stand up. Ted, why don’t you give him a hand?” he said to one of the other guys.

Big Ted extended a paw and helped Danny to his feet.

“OK, guys, now we all lie down on the mat on our sides and line up to match different parts of Danny’s body. I’ll take the neck. Ted, you take his chest. Tommy, his stomach, and Derek you line up where his thighs might be.”

The four guys lay down on the mat, three of them facing Gerry. “OK, Danny, now you stretch yourself out between our legs.”

Carefully Danny lowered himself to the mat. Everything ached when he moved. The four guys were on their sides and each one raised his upper leg up. Danny gingerly positioned himself so his neck was on Gerry’s lower leg and Gerry lowered his leg to put Danny’s neck in a leg scissor. Then Ted did the same, putting a scissor hold on Danny’s chest, locking his ankles together. Tommy adjusted his position so he was on Danny’s lower stomach and folded his legs around Danny torso. Big Derek moved down a few inches and then put Danny’s thighs in the final scissor hold.

“OK, gents, here’s the drill. I’m number 1, Ted is 2, Tommy is 3, and Derek is number 4. Make sure your ankles are firmly locked. When I call out your number, you will crank down on the scissor hold and compress that part of his body. Hold the scissor for as long as you want, but not more than a minute or so. Make him suffer!”

At this point Danny was terrified. He’d been in scissor holds before; they were brutal. The full force of a guy’s big thighs were used to badly compress the opponent’s body part. It hurt particularly on the neck and stomach. These were softer parts, easy to compress. The chest was rough but the ribs gave some pushback and support, although it was very hard to breathe. A scissors on the thighs wasn’t all that bad. It hurt, but the big leg muscles and bone could take it. What he had never experienced was FOUR simultaneous scissors. It seemed insane, totally beyond the pale of any wrestling he had ever done, saw on TV, or even heard of. This was nuts! And they really were going to do it.

He started to panic when he realized his arms were included in the chest and stomach scissors; he couldn’t move them. But then the steely control kicked in and he calmed down. Let them give me their best! He thought. I can take it!

“Remember, Danny,” Gerry said to him, “You have to try to escape. That’s going to be hard, I know, but that’s the test, just like the first time. Show me you got the guts to take it!”

Then he called out: “Number 1!” He locked his ankles and slowly compressed his thighs on Danny’s neck in a classic neck scissors.

Danny started struggling as soon as the pain escalated. He was immobilized between the four sets of thick legs just as securely had he been strapped to a bondage board. He could do little except twist and turn, but he was determined to twist and turn for dear life.

Then Gerry shouted: “Number 2!” Ted started to compress Danny’s big chest. The move instantly interfered with his breathing and the pain racked up fast. The only consolation was that Gerry had released pressure on his neck.

Then he heard “Number 3!” and Tommy put the squeeze on Danny’s stomach, pressing the young man’s abs in as hard as he could. This was the classic position for a scissors lock because it could do so much damage. This really hurt and Danny started to yell. “A-a-a-h! A-ah!” reverbed in the room. Tommy held the lock for a good minute, exerting his strength in waves of strong compression. Danny started to scream from the agony.

“Number 4” rang out and a strong compression was put on Danny’s thighs. It was thigh on thigh, one set of thick muscles trying to brutalize an identical set on the other guy. Danny continued to try to twist. His face was screwed up in a wince from the pain in his legs.

Gerry then rotated through the numbers again, beginning with his number 1. “Hold the locks longer, guys!” he yelled to his cohorts. He followed his own advice and Danny was beginning to get dizzy from the lack of blood flow through his neck. He groaned from the pain until Gerry finally released the hold.

Big Ted did a job on Danny’s chest, holding the compression and forcing Danny to take quick, shallow breaths as he gasped for air to scream with. Tommy repeated the agony on his abs. Danny said later it felt like his navel was pushing against his spine. The result was pure torment. He thought he was going to throw up, but the sensation passed.

Then the leg compression again, this time with more force and for a longer time. Despite the blizzard of pain swirling in his brain, Danny managed to move and twist in the human bondage, showing he was trying to escape.

Gerry held the leg scissors a tad too long. Danny blacked out and everyone released their vicious holds on his body. Tommy ran for the first aid kit for the smelling salts.

Danny’s brain was forced to wake up from the pungent odor, but he was completely disoriented.

“Where the fuck am I?” he asked groggily. “What happened? Why do I hurt so much?”

Gerry patiently explained what had happened, what he had experienced. He apologized for making him pass out, but also congratulated him on passing this second test so well.

“You did good, boy,” he said. “Real good! Mr. Payner will be very happy to hear this. He had high hopes for you and you’re meeting them in spades! Good job!”

In his confusion, at least Danny remembered the proper response: “Sir, thank you, Sir! Thank you very much, Sir!”

Gerry tousled Danny’s sweaty hair in a somewhat patronizing fashion. “Jake’ll be proud of you, too.”

All the neurons in Danny’s brain were finally back to normal and the whole scene came into focus in his head: Oh, yes, the testing. Gerry was in charge. And, he says I passed! That’s good news. And Jake, his Master.

“That’s the good news, boy,” Gerry cut in. “The bad news is that there’s one more drill you have to go through, but just one. This one is the last, I promise you,” he added.

Big deal, Danny thought. Big friggin’ promise – more pain. Good God in Heaven, what else can they think up to hurt me?



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