“Danny’s Ordeal” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Pain Conditioning

Gerry stripped off his uniform blouse and the other three men followed his lead. Then he removed his boots and uniform pants. The other three did the same. So now there were four big guys wearing only white jockstraps and one naked victim. Gerry’s jock pouch was already bulging; only he knew the full agenda that was to come.

“Let me explain the program,” he said to the others. “Our objective is to put the trainee in severe pain by way of various wrestling holds. Danny’s objective is to take the pain, but also try to escape.” Then he addressed Danny directly: “This will require all of your ability to concentrate, even despite the pain. You will have to keep in control of yourself, your mind and your body, and keep trying to escape. It doesn’t matter how much you hurt or scream, you must continue to try to get loose. That’s the test. If you succumb to the pain and lose control, you fail. If you keep resisting and trying, that’s how you pass.”

“There’s more,” Gerry continued: “Mr. Payner has authorized a huge bonus to any man passing the test. He mentioned what happens if you fail; you do get a hefty severance. But if you pass, you will get thousands of dollars in an immediate bonus, plus a generous increase in your regular salary. There’s a lot of money at stake here, Danny, as well as continued employment with the company.”

At that moment Payner showed up. Another guard was carrying his folding chair. Payner walked over to Danny and eyed him up and down, relishing the young man’s muscular build and manly plumbing. Danny’s chest hair was getting thicker since Jake had agreed not to shave his sub.   The two metal rings glinted in the bright lights of the gym.

“Show us what you got, boy. Make us proud to have you on board!” he said, but then he turned away and walked over to his chair.

Gerry resumed control. “The first test is simple but useful for this training. Danny, lie down on the mat on your back and spread out your hands and legs,” he ordered.

Danny slowly lowered himself to the center of the mat on his back. OK, now it begins, he thought. His dick reacted to the imminent promise of pain by getting half hard. Gerry sat down by Danny’s left arm, centering Danny’s arm between his legs. He ordered one of the trainers to do likewise on Danny’s other side. Then he told the remaining two to position themselves on their knees at Danny’s ankles.

“Now, put your feet against his body like this,” Gerry told the man stationed at Danny’s arm. Gerry put one foot against Danny’s neck and the other against his side just below the young man’s arm pit.

“Grab hold of his wrist,” Gerry ordered, picking up Danny’s wrist in his own hands. “You two guys at his feet, grab his ankles and hold on tightly.”

“Here’s the drill. Tom over there and I are going to stretch out Danny’s arms by pulling on his wrists. We’re in position to exert tremendous pressure on him, almost like he’s on a rack. You two down there are to slowly pull his legs apart, farther and farther apart. This will put pressure on his hips and hamstrings.”

Then he addressed Danny again: “The test is for your to resist and try to get free of our grips. We’re going to hold on tight, so you’ll really have to try hard, without stopping for an instant. That’s the test. You stop struggling and really trying, you fail. You keep your head about you and resist, you pass. And you get all that money, plus fame and glory,” he added at the end with a slight smirk. “If I were you, Danny, I’d go for the money and bag the fame and glory,” he finally laughed. “Feel free to scream.”

Then he started to pull outward on Danny’s wrist. The other three bent to their tasks and Danny’s body started to get racked, not by a wooden medieval machine, but by the pure muscle of four very big guys. Danny immediately started to twist and turn. His abs, pecs, and shoulders mounded and writhed in the effort to escape. He had to show them he could take it.

His shoulders and elbows immediately started to ache as the tendons were stretched beyond normal bounds. His legs were now splayed at an incredible angle, make his hips burn in pain. He could feel the stretch in his hamstrings. His right thigh started to quiver. There was no escaping the mounting pain. He had to continue to struggle and writhe on the mat, despite the futility.

Then he started to scream. The large gym room echoed his full throated cries of pain. His arms were getting ripped off and his legs felt like they were going to pop free of his hip joints. “A-a-a-h!   A-g-h! No-o-o-o!”

Despite screaming in agony, Danny continued to struggle and make an effort to escape the strong grips on his wrists and ankles. He twisted, turned, jerked and spazed in a spectacular display of muscular energy and determination. All four of the men were covered in sweat, making sure their grips remained true as they increased the pressure on young Danny’s limbs. Gerry and the other guy on his arm had to bend over backwards in their sitting position to exert maximum pull on his arms. The two guys on his legs continued to spread his ankles farther apart, inch by inch, causing exponential pain in his hips and thighs.

What the other four guys saw immediately and which Danny was unaware of, was that he had a rigid hardon sticking up from his crotch like a small flag pole. It glistened in the bright gym lights. Small drops of liquid pulsed from the engorged sex tool.

His screaming took on an animal edge. Danny was having doubts about his ability to carry on. The red ocean of pain was swamping his brain and he was losing focus. He redoubled his efforts to escape, finding hidden reserves of strength. He screamed from his throat and inside his head. He could barely breathe, gasping for breath between his wild animal attempts to escape.

On a signal from Gerry, the four torturers let go of Danny’s limbs. Danny could scarcely believe the torment was over, but the pressure on his arms was suddenly gone and his legs automatically came closer together, closing in from their wild angle apart. For some reason he continued to thrash and flail, as if he still had to escape. He was acting like a frantic robot, blindly following a wild program – which was what he had, in effect, steeled himself to do. His resolve was to continue to resist and show efforts to escape so he would pass the test.

Nobody said a word for several minutes. Heavy breathing all around was the only sound as all five of the men recovered from their extreme exertion, Danny, of course, most of all. His dick had gone down to half hard.

Finally Gerry spoke up: “OK, sport, you have passed test number one. Just a few more to go and you’ll be done.”

Danny perked up. “What?” he said loudly, raising his head from the mat. “More? Wasn’t that the freakin’ test?” Then he hastily added “sir.”

“Two more rounds, boy,” Gerry answered. “And you won’t like either of them.”

Danny dropped his head back to the mat and groaned from the pain in his joints.




4 thoughts on ““Danny’s Ordeal” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 16

  1. I can imagine the full nelson hold test with Danny’s abs stretched and vulnerable already. Counting the hours till your next posting; thanks for the amazing content!

  2. I’m very glad you’re enjoying the story. It was a total blast writing it. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Man, I love your wicked imagination, Steve. Resistance from a hot hero is my favorite. And with 4 on 1, and that exposed stomach, it seems like they’d want to have a little more fun. Just saying 🙂 Thanks, this is amazing!

  4. Jay, I totally agree with you!. This writing is amazing! Steve, you are a true wordsmith. Your writing allows us to visualize the scene as if we were there. Fantastic!
    Thank you, Steve!

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