“Danny’s Ordeal” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Breach of Security

An unfortunate incident occurred the third week of Danny’s employment. He wasn’t involved in the incident, but he was swept up in the brutal storm which followed. One of the guards, whom he didn’t know very well, was captured by two intruders while on duty in a warehouse several blocks from Payner’s main office. They worked him over roughly before they robbed several computers from the warehouse. Payner was furious with the loss of client property. His contract with the owner stipulated Payner had to replace anything stolen while providing security services. But Payner was even madder at the guard, who apparently was easily overcome.

“And all this happened despite your training?” Payner demanded of the man when he reported back to the office.

“Sir, yes, sir,” the guard replied meekly. “They were big guys, sir. . . “ the man started to add.

Payner cut him off: “But you’re a big guy, too! That’s why I hired and trained you, shithead!”

Nobody present at that interview had ever seen Payner so mad. He was usually the epitome of calm dread, his lilting voice belying the basically evil man underneath.

He continued to rant: “You’re going to pay for this!”

Everyone knew what that meant: a long and intense visit with the plastic rod. The guard’s face blanched in dread. “Sir, sir, I, ah . . .”

“Shut the fuck up!” Payner screamed at him. Then he addressed three of the other guards: “Get this piece of shit out of my sight and take him downstairs for a caning!”

“Sir, yes, sir” came the chorus as the three guards seized the man, cuffed his hands behind his back, and led him off to the cement torture room in the basement. The offender knew it was futile to further resist. Three big guys against one big guy were not good odds. He could be heard still begging for mercy as they dragged him away. Soon his screams echoed throughout the office building.

Payner was not satisfied with torturing the man. He and Gerry came up with a plan to condition all the guards to resist being overcome in the future. Payner called a general meeting of the entire crew of guards to make the announcement. They assembled in a large loading dock at one of the client warehouses. There were some thirty guards in all. The original guard was not there; he was still chained to a bed in sickbay recovering from the bloody caning.

“Gentlemen,” Payner began. His voice was not very lilting this time. He was still mad; his tone brimmed with brutality.

“You all know what has transpired recently. I truly cannot believe that big, strong men like y’all can be overcome by two stupid burglars. But it happened. I have decided that y’all need to be further trained in resisting such attacks. The new program is called ‘pain conditioning,’ and will put you through exercises and drills which will greatly increase your tolerance for pain and your ability to keep focused for the job at hand. This breach of security must never happen again! The new program will go a long way to ensuring that.”

He let his words sink in and then continued: “The program will start immediately, right after this meeting. It will greatly test your manliness and some of you might not pass the test. There is no shame in this; the program is extreme. If you fail, you will be given a very generous severance package but you will leave Payner Security for good. I assure you I have a long list of applicants who can take your place.”

As Payner’s right hand man, Gerry knew this was a bald face lie, but it did provide the existing crewmen strong motivation for surviving the rather nasty program Payner had in mind.

“Each of you will be put through the program, but it will be on a random basis. I have a list of names selected at random and you will be informed only when it is your turn to participate in the drills. The first guard to be retrained is also one of our newest, Mr. Townsend here,” he said, pointing to Danny.

Danny’s stomach turned to ice and he struggled not to show any of the dread he actually felt. Anything Payner came up with involved pain; everyone knew his fetish was seeing strong men subjected to horrible tortures. This sounded like it would exceed even Payner’s high bar.

Danny nodded to Payner, not knowing what else he could do. The three trainers and Gerry moved in on him. Payner dismissed the rest of the crew and stood in front of Danny.

“You will be privileged to the first young man to go through the new program, Danny,” he said, returning again to his weird lilting tone. The first round will begin immediately and will last, oh, probably an hour or so. I’m sure you’ll do very well,” he added. Then he gestured to the four other men: “Take him to the gym and prepare him as Gerry will instruct you.”

Danny’s arms were seized by two of the trainers and the five of them left the loading dock, returned to Payner’s office building, and went straight to the gym.

Gerry was direct when they got to the large gym: “Strip all your clothes off, including your boots.”

“Sir, yes, sir,” Danny replied as required. He removed his company uniform, white jock strap, and high boots. The normally warm gym felt cold to his naked skin. He knew it was an instinctive reaction to gut-fear.



1 thought on ““Danny’s Ordeal” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 15

  1. Oh man, love this twist. Danny hasn’t even fully recovered, yet the worst may be yet to come. Fantastic story, Steve, thanks!

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