Real Chained Heroes launched! (Message to the Bunker from Commander_nl)

Real Chained Heroes launched!

On July 5th 2020 was the big day: Part 1 of the first new video of RCH, Mercenary Nick: Interrogation, was launched. The story of Nick, a brave and strong mercenary, began: how he is captured by the evil sadistic crime lord known as The Baron!

Sent in to rid the world of this ruthless criminal, Nick finds himself alive and chained in the Baron’s so-called Interview Room, a designation that is in fact a euphemism for Torture Room!

Part 1 of this story is now available! See the first stage of Nick’s ordeal, as The Baron lets out his anger on the helpless, muscled, half naked prisoner by lashing him 100 times with the whip….!!

Working with model Robert (as Nick) has been great. He had no previous experience with BDSM, but he is just a great guy, tall and muscular, a real man, with a lot of courage. He really took a great deal of pain, I can assure you!

I am grateful to Aquadude that he allowed me to post about RCH before. A number of visitors to the Bunker decided to support RCH and become patron. This support has been of great importance to get RCH launched. There have been many obstacles, among which the effects of the corona pandemic, but they have been overcome, also thanks to the extra funds that became available from patrons!

Now RCH is launched. The first new video has been made and will become available, in 4 parts, in the coming weeks.

Plans for the future are in place as well. Mercenary Nick: Interrogation will have a sequel! After being tortured in the Interview Room Nick is sent by the Baron to Hell Camp, where Nick will be put to gruelling hard labor, among other convicts. And of course The Baron will visit Hell Camp to torment Nick further! All that will be seen in Mercenary Nick: Hell Camp, an outdoors production planned for October 2020!

There are also three more new RCH models: hot, fit, muscular guys to be “heroes” in distress! Take a look:

You will recognize two ex-Ruscapturedboys guys: “Commando Stas” (Kostia) and “Strength Gymnast Anton” (Alex)!

It means the plans for 3 more complete videos are set.

Big plans! I am confident they will come to fruition. Of course RCH will benefit greatly by further support. Patrons are still very welcome. Sponsors can support a specific production or a specific model, maybe with his training to get ready and fit for the shoot of his video.

Let me know, when you want to support RCH or ask for info:

I thank everybody who has supported RCH so far. Good things on the theme of the “hero-in-distress” and “the godlike warrior in pain” are going to happen! With your support this will become a reality sooner and better.



Right now RCH is preparing 3 shoots:
• with Alex from Ukraine ( and attached photo of his current shape)
Alex Ukraine 18.07.2020 02.jpg
•with Valera from Kazachstan (longer term planning, because of Covid travel restrictions)
• with Amin and Had (from Algeria!) as contestants  in the hot, physically challenging format: The Pain Game
Amin + Had RCH 01.jpg
So your support is welcome indeed, to help these projects along.




2 thoughts on “Real Chained Heroes launched! (Message to the Bunker from Commander_nl)

  1. Glad to hear your plans are moving along nicely commander.

    Valera looks quite promising. Also more of nick can only be a good thing!!!

  2. Yes, I , too, have to say Valera looks really promising. For the future, ex-ruscapturedboy BODYBUILDER ROMAN would be a dream come true. Anyway, thanks…

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