“Danny’s Ordeal” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Danny On The Job

They all did go out that night. Payner had hired a limo which took them to a small steakhouse he had reserved just for his team. Everyone except Payner took off their shirt. It was a man-feast featuring a very nice steak dinner with enough booze to float a ship. Before the dinner, Danny got his nips pierced. As they warned, it was very painful and they had to hold him down on the chair as the piercer went to work. Payner selected thick rings, which hurt the most getting put in. Instead of a straight needle pierce, which would be used on small holes for earrings, the piercer used a small Dremel drill to make the larger holes needed to accommodate the rings without distorting the pec peg’s structure..

There was only minor bleeding, which surprised Danny. He thought it felt like his nipples were being shredded. It stung like a bee when the piercer swabbed the minor wounds with alcohol. Then the rings were inserted and crimped closed. He was briefly terrified when the piercer applied a small soldering gun tip to the crimped ends of the ring. The heat transfer, however, was brief and the metal heated up only at the crimping ends. Danny felt a brief stab of heat in his nipples. He gritted his teeth and the guys holding him down made sure he didn’t budge.

“Good work, Manuel,” Mr. Payner intoned. Then he turned to Danny: “The rings look very good on you, boy,” he said. “And now they won’t come off unless you use bolt cutters! Ha!” he added.

Despite his misgivings, the rings did look very sexy. He had a hardon for the whole process. H didn’t notice that the other guys also sported bulges in their tight uniform pants.

They all got plastered except Payner who did not drink alcohol. He didn’t say much during the meal; the other guys made up for his quietness. They were almost thrown out of the restaurant, but Payner smoothed it all over with a very big tip to the staff.

They returned to the security office building and their rooms on the third floor. Jake bunked in with Danny, but they were both too wasted to do anything. That changed over the next few days as Jake came to dominate the new recruit. Danny enjoyed the strange thrill he got from his new role as sub. Danny learned there were several special pairs in the crew who had joined up into the Master/sub arrangement. Gerry, for example, was a sub to a one of the other trainers, a guy called Tough Ted.

Danny was assigned a building two blocks away. Payner gave him blueprints and showed him his route and walk-by times. He briefly referred to the GPS implant. “It replaces the older watch-key check in and we have a nice digital record for the client. Gerry runs the tracking software for me.”

The implication was clear: do the rounds, don’t goof off, I’ll be watching you. And think of the plastic rod. It’s there anytime you start to do anything stupid.

“No problem, sir. I’m your man now. You can count on me, sir!”

“I believe I can, my boy. Jake also has high praise for your, ah, skills, and tells me you can really take a lot of pain and pressure. Tell Jake I might want to watch sometime. I do like that,” he added.

“Sir, yes, sir,” came the required reply.

One small step for a sub, one giant step into submission.



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