“Danny’s Ordeal” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Danny Gets Trained Alright

Over the course of the next few days, Danny did well in hand-to-hand combat. His wrestling skills helped a lot. Training in the use of the surveillance equipment was simple enough. Payner used the best equipment. Danny particularly enjoyed the gun classes and spent a huge amount of time on the firing range. Every time he practiced shooting he got a satisfying hardon, which he finished off with a JO in the showers or messing around with the other guys. He often thought of the old Army saying: “This is my weapon.   This is my gun. One is for killing. One is for fun.” Or something like that.

One of the trainers was always with him, day and night. He had zero time alone. He slowly noticed that Jake – or Big Jake as Danny thought of him – was becoming the one spending most of the time with him. They both enjoyed rigorous wrestling bouts as well as heavy weight training together in the gym. And they slept together, enjoying other kinds of wrestling. Danny invariably was on the receiving end.

One morning, early in the game, Jake was having breakfast with Danny. (All the meals were high protein to support muscle growth.) It was Tuesday of the second week.

“So, Danny, here’s the plan for today. We have a surveillance class right after breakfast. I want to show you the new night vision goggles Payner just bought. Then there’s your gun class just before lunch. After lunch we’re going to wrestle. I want to show you a move Mike told me about for making an intruder unconscious.”

“Fantastic, Mr. Jake,” Danny replied, rubbing his jock pouch as his dick stirred.

They left the mess room and Danny went through the surveillance and gun classes and had a light lunch with Jake and one of the other trainers, named Tough Ted. Ted’s pecs were covered in black hair, which made him into a menacing figure. His thick ring nipple piercings shone brightly in the forest of fur. Danny had a minor jock pouch problem sitting across from the hairy giant. He was getting used to wearing a jock all the time. Boots and a jock. It was very sexy. The instructors invariably were shirtless.

He left the mess room with Jake and they headed for the gym. There were a few other guys working out, but the wrestling mats were off in a corner.

“OK, boy, strip,” Jake ordered. He himself was wearing only boots and tight, navy blue shorts, which he shed.

It took Danny all of four seconds to step out of the jock. “Boots off, sir?” Danny asked.

“No,” came the answer. “I like to wrestle with them on. More of a challenge that way,” he added.

“Yes, sir,” Danny replied. “Sir, you mentioned a special move Mr. Mike showed you?”

“Yeah, it’s brutal. I’ll give you a taste, if you want,” Jake said.

“Yes, sir. Of course, sir.”

“Lie down on the mat on your stomach,” Jake ordered.

Danny complied directly, stuffing his half hardon and balls down between his thighs. Jake then sat on Danny’s lower back; Danny felt the big man’s cock and balls resting on his skin. Jake reached forward to his head. Grabbing Danny under the chin, he slowly pulled back. It was a classic back breaker done prone instead of over the knee. Danny quickly realized he was in deep trouble; the hold is impossible to break out of. Given half a chance in normal wrestling, no one in their right mind would let themselves get trapped like this. But he had volunteered himself. He tried to protest, but the pressure on his chin prevented him from opening his mouth. He could only grunt through gnashed teeth. He saw that the other guys in the gym had gathered around in a half circle.

Jake slowly pulled back farther. The pressure on Danny’s neck and spine was building up into real agony. The back breaker is well named. Jake moved Danny’s head back inch by inch, increasing the pain. Then Danny realized the circulation to his head had been cut by the compression on his neck. He was getting dizzy and had trouble focusing. The pain became a red ocean. He felt like a bobbing cork, unable to escape the agony. His eyes defocused and then he blacked out.

The gym was equipped for this. In the first aid kit was a small bottle of “smelling salts.” This was an old fashioned concoction of ammonia compounds that was amazingly pungent. The nasal stimulation of the fumes usually jump-started the brain to wake up.

Danny woke up, snorting from the noxious aroma stinging his nose. He was sitting on the mat with his head and back propped up against Jake’s legs.

“Welcome back, boy,” Jake smiled. “Sorry you blacked out. Effective move, though, isn’t it? Mike said it would work like a charm.”

“Yes, sir, it certainly works,” Danny replied wobbly. “Man, oh, man, that was brutal, sir!” he added.

“You’re good, Danny. You can take it,” Jake replied. “Stand up. There’s more in store for you and I want to bring you up to speed.

“Yes, sir,” Danny replied, accepting Jake’s hand as he helped him up.

Jake stood in front and Danny and started to play with the young guy’s nipples. “You have nice nips, boy,” Jake said, still twisting Danny’s pec pegs. Danny winced from the pain.  “Payner’ll want you to get them pierced. We all have piercings. He likes that. You’ll also get a very small GPS implant in the back of your right leg. Doesn’t hurt a bit, and he uses it to make sure we do our rounds when we’re on the job. Yeah, I agree with the other trainers. You’re going to fit right in.”

Jake then clapped Danny on the shoulder: “We usually have a big dinner when a new recruit joins us. Payner’s treat. First we’re going to take you to the piercing shop and get those nips looking good. It does hurt to get pierced, so we’ll all be with you to hold you down. Then we’ll have a feast and get plastered on Payner’s dime.”

Then Gerry showed up. “Time to get fitted for your uniform, sport,” he announced. Danny reached for his jock and shorts, but Gerry countermanded: “You won’t be needing them. Jake’ll bring them back to your room.”

The fitting for the uniform was as Danny expected. The tailor measured everything skin tight, including his crotch and ass crack. When they were done, Gerry told him the uniform would be ready in a day. The tailor said nothing during the whole episode.

“You’ll be staying here for a few nights,” Gerry said when the tailor had left. “We often sleep here and there’s a vacant room upstairs with your name on it.”



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