“Danny’s Ordeal” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 9

Chapter 9


Payner spoke up in his lilting, long winded way: “Ah, my dear Danny! You have passed the test. We are satisfied you have the right stuff to be on our team. I realize it was a bit rough and I’m sure you’re not in a condition to fully appreciate your victory. We will take you down from the pole and let you rest. Then we’ll discuss moving forward. AND the handsome salary you will now be getting!”

The other guys slowly removed the cuffs and the cord from around his head and neck. Then the cord on his cock and balls was untied, bringing great relief but also some pain as blood flow resumed. Two of them grabbed his ams to hold him up. The chain around his ankles was unlocked and unwound. He was slightly embarrassed as his now freed cock swelled up into a strong hardon.

Payner noticed it, of course. “A natural reaction to manly pain, my boy. It’s actually a good sign and means you’ll fit right in with our team.”

Danny saw the other guys rub their swollen crotches. He had always been fascinated and excited about physical pain ever since his father’s beatings when he was growing up. The agony of his ordeal, his pride in surviving it, activated some wiring between his brain and his crotch. He didn’t know the words sadist and masochist. He didn’t know that his sex needle had firmly swung to the maso side.

“There’s only one more task, dear Danny,” Payner crooned. “We are going to remove the clamps on your nipples. Unfortunately this will hurt. The little guys have been deprived of blood flow for a while and have gone to sleep. Removal of the clamps will wake them up and they will not be happy, if you will.”

He snorted a laugh at his own wording. It really did hurt when the clamps came off. Danny gritted his teeth and contorted his face in pain as his pec pegs swelled with blood and the nerves protested. The guys holding him tightened their grip, mashing their hardons into his hips. They were definitely on the sado side of the meter.

Danny looked down at his stomach. His skin was bright red from the tortures. There were wide lines of a deeper red from the nightsticks. His erection stood out from his crotch. There were red marks up and down the shaft from the cord bindings, and his balls ached. Somehow, however, there was sex electricity there. His hardon was a direct reaction to the pain he had undergone, just like many hardons in the past when he JOed and fantasized about men getting tortured.

The guys holding his arms escorted him out of the room and down the hall to a small shower stall. He cleaned himself up and toweled off. His torso still throbbed and his nipples were supersensitive. He was also still halfhard. They then led him to a small room with a cot against one wall. He slumped onto the cot and quickly fell asleep from exhaustion.

He didn’t hear the door lock click after the two big men left the room.



1 thought on ““Danny’s Ordeal” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 9

  1. Love how you leave us hanging. Amazing series, can’t wait for Chapter 10 (though offline a few days, ugh!). Thanks!

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