“Danny’s Ordeal” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Prep for Testing

Danny was taken down two flights of stairs to the basement of the building. It was warm there and he broke out in a mild sweat, as did the other guys. The basement corridor was dark, only two bulbs, one at each end. They stopped at a metal door which the third guy opened with effort. It must have been heavy; it creaked on the hinges. The cohort went inside and the man closed the door.

The room was small, cement walls, ceiling and floor. There was a single bulb hanging down on a cord right next to a metal column which extended from floor to ceiling. It looked like it was cemented in.   The pole was maybe two inches thick and was partly rusted brown. In addition to the musty odor, there was a faint scent of man sweat, a touch of urine, and maybe fear? Does fear have a smell?

They moved Danny until his back was against the pole. Hands then pulled his hands up over his head and then behind the column. Danny heard and felt handcuffs being fastened around his wrists. They were quickly clicked in tight and the small chain between the cuffs was looped over some kind of peg in the back of the pole. This pulled his arms way up over his head and lifted his chest cage in the process.

He started to have some misgivings. This certainly seemed an odd setup for a job test. Then he saw the equipment hanging on the wall. There were boxing gloves of various weights, some thin leather gloves, four police nightsticks, a variety of wooden paddles and leather straps, along with other small items of leather or metal. He panicked when he saw all the equipment. There was only one use for these items: intense pain. Payner had said there was to be a test of will power, of his ability to concentrate and focus. And he did mention that some pain was involved, but Danny had no idea it would lead to this.

He immediately started to protest: “Look guys, I don’t think this is a good idea. I want to…”

His protests were cut short when someone shoved a large rubber ball gag into his mouth and buckled it off tightly behind his head. The ball was big and filled his mouth. When they pulled it in behind his teeth it pushed down on his tongue. Everything he said was garbled beyond recognition. Now he was scared.

He tried to say: “OK, that’s it. Let me go!” but only a childish mumble came out and his protests were ignored anyway.

Then he was positively startled when a thick blindfold was buckled across his eyes, plunging him into darkness. He pulled violently against the cuffs stretching his arms out, but there was no possibility of release.

The bondage continued. A thick cord was wrapped around his head. One turn across the blindfold, another just under his nose, and a third around his neck. The cord was tightened, cementing his head to the pole. He thought that was the end, but it wasn’t. Hands took off his boots and socks and then pulled his jeans shorts down, followed by his jock strap.

Now he was naked and scared. He felt a chain being wrapped around his ankles, securing them to the pole. And then the total scary surprise: hands roughly wrapped a cord around the base of his dick and nut sack, pulled the cord in tight, and then pulled his junk back between his legs. He grunted from the mild pain as the cord was tied to the pole. He struggled again in a stupid attempt to escape. No way, Jose. Wrists, head, neck, ankles and junk. Escape was impossible and his fear meter went off scale. What in hell was going to happen?


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