Korak and the Cannibals 5 – by Teracles

Note: I haven’t mentioned the cannibal’s name up to now, but after some suggestions he’s been named Magambi.     -Teracles


Korak12aThis jungle is practically overrun with muscular studs, and it isn’t long before Korak and Magambi spot a pair of warriors. Their captives are likely bound for some awful fate.

“We should rescue them” whispers Korak. “Some nice steaks would hit the spot” grins Magambi.  “I will take the guard at the back while you distract them.”

Korak stares at him, but hey, you knew he was a cannibal!  I guess the guys have some cultural differences to work out, if they ever get a quiet moment for a serious talk (not likely!).
Magambi surprises the guard, and quickly takes care of him.  I expect cannibals get a lot of practice at this sort of thing!  He moves to help Korak with the other guard.
As Korkak and the guard face off, spear to spear, Magambi tackles him from behind.  They must be making a bit of noise, because a nearby pterodactyl decides to take lunch somewhere quieter!
After defeating the second guard, and tying him up, the guys turn their attention to the captives.  Korak and Magambi agree this guy looks pretty tasty, but somehow I don’t think they mean the same thing! 🙂

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