Announcement: Starts tomorrow!

Commander and AfterDark have joined forces to bring us a new illustrated version of his incredible story, Erik the Rebel!

They’ve divided this version into 9 Chapters, with about 30 Plates per Chapter.

A truly great writer and a truly great illustrator!! Guys, this should be really special!

If you wish, check out Commander’s original story here:

(What a fantastic piece of writing!)



Also, check out:

Afterdark’s incredible Patreon page:

And Commander’s brand new web site:



5 thoughts on “Announcement: Starts tomorrow!

    • I have the end of Mike’s painful adventures in my head! I will write it down, I promise. These last months the Real Chained Heroes project (and all the difficulties in starting it up) has taken up much of my concentration and energy. Sorry guys! But I will finish Marine Warrior.

  1. Marine Warrior SECONDED! But I am very excited about Erik the Rebel as it was one of the BEST stories on here. (I am hoping for an eventual continuation of Erik’s suffering too!)

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