REAL CHAINED HEROES, Second Posting –by Commander


I am very happy to let you know that in about 3 weeks time we will shoot RCH’s first new video!

Torture turns you on? Soon RCH’s first new video will be made!
Mercenary Nick (the 6 f tall, muscled and fit Robert from Germany) is sent in to get the evil crimelord The Baron. But he is overpowered by The Baron’s thugs…and is taken to the dreaded “Interview Room”…where the sadist Baron interrogates and tortures his muscular prisoners!
Visit the Bunker in the coming weeks for more updates!
I just received a message that the first RCH-Internet page has been created, and soon will have content:
Support RCH and co-create videos, get generous free access: all if you become patron to RCH!
–Commander  (Jerome)
(Click image to enlarge.)

Thanks to artist AfterDark for his help in designing the promo-plate.




7 thoughts on “REAL CHAINED HEROES, Second Posting –by Commander

  1. Commander,
    You have the secret for success in this project. Picking handsome, muscular models and your literary talent for creating fantastic erotic stories. Can’t wait!!

    • thank you! I always liked this guy….I will certainly try to find him, even if this is some years when he did the video for RCB.
      Often these young men have “moved on” (unfortunately!) and are no longer interested in such jobs.
      But the hunt is on!

  2. Chained heroes was my very first bdsm video that I ever saw. I was only about 12 years old at the time but immediately knew this was something I wanted to make a part of my life! I still have all of the original videos that I bought one day and love them! Thank you for introducing me to what I love!

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