Korak and the Cannibals 4 –by Teracles

The continuing adventures of Korak.  In the last episode, Korak had just escaped from the cannibals, with the help of a new buddy.   (Search for Korak if you want to see the earlier ones.)


Korak’s buff bod gets some appreciation, as his new bud checks him out and feels him up.  Coming from a cannibal slurping on his pecs, sweet nothings about how tasty he looks might be a bit of a concern, but Korak doesn’t seem to mind!



The jungle buds are back in the jungle, and in trouble already!  You’d think anyone would see the big blue flower, and beware the deadly Martian Mantrap (the Venus one is pale imitation!), but the guys were so intent on one another they blundered into the sticky purple fronds, and were quickly pulled into a slimy pit of digestive juices!  Gosh, it might have be better to be roasted by the cannibals 🙂



As the horrible Martian Mantrap envelops them, Korak beats his massive chest and shouts a powerful jungle yell.  The jungle duo struggle in their sticky prison, until the earth starts to tremble.  Yes, the herd of rampaging elephants has finally shown up to save our heroes!  They trample the menacing mantrap into the dirt, and rescue the jungle buds.
“Hey, this is cool!” enthuses the cannibal.
“That enough, Tantor! Put me down!” grunts Korak, as Tantor squeezes as a little too tightly.  “Tantor?  Ugh, TANTOR!”
The jungle buds head to a quiet pool to clean up, and no doubt they need a rest after all the excitement ….  What, they’re at it again?  There must be something in the water!
Ah, a nice romantic interlude, but I’m sure the guys will be in trouble again soon 🙂


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