A Note to the Bunker from Commander(Jerome) regarding REAL CHAINED HEROES

If any of you are in touch with models of Russian Captured Boys (the good ones, you know who…..), please let me know. I myself have established contact with “Slave Zhenya”, “Commando Stas” and the blond hunk (now even hotter than at the time!) who was in “Slave Vasily returned” and other videos of that series. Maybe I can make it work to have them be in Real Chained Heroes, once the project is underway and making sufficient money to finance travel and fees.
That would be the aim of the project and its contributors anyway: to produce hot stuff of good quality! I am not looking to become rich on this, but to realize artful images of male suffering: “the godlike warrior in pain”. I am going to start really soon now (in a couple of weeks)! I could use some more sponsors and patrons! Let me know if you like to help:
Thanks, I hope to share great things with you.
Hope to hear from you,
Kind regards,
Jerome (Commander)
Kostia-RCH-(1) copy
dimitry 25 copy
Alexey Dmitryaev 02 copy

17 thoughts on “A Note to the Bunker from Commander(Jerome) regarding REAL CHAINED HEROES

  1. Glad to hear your project is still coming along well commander.

    As far as rcb models go – military diversionist appears to have a instgram account which might help u with contacting him should you wish to attempt it


    Hesitant to use his name here in case he has moved on from that chapter in his life.

    Anyways good luck and make sure you all stay safe in these crazy times 😃

    • thank you for this: by accident I had found his IG just yesterday, I messaged him, and he did not dismiss my invitation, but asked for more info. I will certainly get back to him, because he is damn hot and now even bigger than he used to be. he also has some studio photos in military gear, shirtless (goed without saying).

      • Well fingers crossed then!

        I saw that soldier photoshoot as well. He certainly does the outfit justice hehe.

  2. What an amazing IDEA!!! My money would be available to get “Young Sailor Ivan” stripped nude and taught how to please a man .

    • Young sailor Ivan! One of my favorites! I have not been able to find him yet in social media. But my radar is on, believe me.
      Finding him, him being in his great physical shape from before, and willing to be captured and tortured for RCH…..a dream come true!

      • Yeah he was a good one IMO one of the things that made ivan stand out from the others was that truley defiant look of his.

    • “Roman”‘s real name is Tema (first name, I do not give his family-name for privacy reasons, see below). He has closed the RCB-chapter in his life, he told me. He did not even like very much to be reminded of his role as slave Roman. So he declined my suggestion to be in RCH. I understand his decision, but regret it at the same time! He was awesome.

      • That’s too bad. But thanks so much for asking and really looking forward to this project!

    • Thank you so much, Anonymous! A treasure trove! I will do the research!

      Any idea on the ID of “Young sailor Ivan” of RCB?


      • Sadly no ☹️ im still poking around though.

        But on a different note. I recal reading a comment somewhere that robber andrei (i think thats the name) use to have a instagram account by the name of Yan_i_am_man

        If true its been deleted it seems . Like the last time above dont like to out and out type the name but since the link i have has the name in it i may as well risk it. He seems to go by malanchuk jan or maybe yan. Or jan / yan malanchuk.


        Just unsure of the formating of the site so it could be a first name before a last or vice versa

      • Oh sorry that link will need to have to be traanslated to see the name on it. Unless you can read russian anyway. Or at least it looks like russian 😋

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