“Memories of Tortures Past” by Steve McHalperin, Chapters 12 (of 14)

Chapter 12

The Worst

The Colonel returned and all the goons stiffened to attention. As before, he checked out the electrodes. Then he faced the two of you off to the side.

“Now we break you down. Everybody knows what a whipping is, what gut punching is. Nobody knows about electricity when applied to a man’s sensitive parts. The pain will be unbelievable, beyond your imagination. If you do not tell me what I want, several things will happen. First, you will scream yourself hoarse. Second, you might cut deeply into your wrist cuffs as you struggle. You will bleed. The main thing is your precious manhood. It will be burned up, permanently ruined, and never work again. You will never have a hardon. Your balls will be useless; no more little babies. No more sex. No more manhood. You will be a vegetable.”

He stopped to let his message sink in. You recall the instructor’s warning and tried to resist the primal fear of becoming sexless.

Then he continued: “One last chance, gringos. Tell me or lose your manhood while you scream yourselves insane.”

He hesitated again. You recall the feeling that this was a moment in time that might determine your whole future, the biggest pivot point of your life. The psychological part was truly diabolical. You wanted to believe what the instructor said, but you also had that doubt, that growing fear that you could be the one in the hundreds of guys who were tortured with electro, the one who did get his dick and balls burned to a crisp. Big, muscular Jason, the vegetable. Jase, the eggplant.

“So be it, gringos,” the Colonel said. He walked over and plugged the controller box into a wall socket. The thing hummed to life, red lights came on, a dial lit up. Then he reached to a large knob on top of the box and turned it. It clicked twice. A strong tingle shot through your dickhead and ass.

“Do you like that?” the Colonel taunted. “That’s the pleasure setting. Now we go for pain.”

Two more clicks of the dial and real pain showed up. You distinctly remember you and Paul bracing in the bondage, grunting into the gag.

Another click. Now your dickhead and gut were sizzling with energy. You and Paul screamed together, filling the room with the primal sounds of two stricken animals. “A-a-h! A-g-h!”

Another click. Pain escalated to agony. This was the worst pain you had ever felt. Felt like your dickhead was vibrating and your ass was on fire.

You hardly noticed it when the Colonel changed a setting on the box which sent pulses of electricity instead of a steady current. You screamed again and spazed like a puppet driven by a mad puppeteer as the sharp pulses of current tore into your crotch and ass.

Jump! Scream! Jump! Scream! On and on.

You felt your sanity and self-awareness slipping. You were drowning in a neural ocean of pain. You couldn’t get your breath from the need to scream. You remember feeling like you were suffocating.

Then the pulsing stopped and the current returned to a steady agony. All the big muscle groups in your body were tensed and pumped to maximum contraction, pulling against each other in an attempt to escape the force tearing into your cock and ass. The metal cuffs were now cutting into your flesh, as the Colonel had predicted. You started to think you could not go on another second but the agony continued.

You thought you heard another click. But when the new level of pain exploded, even before you could redouble your screaming, the built-in neural circuit breakers in your brain popped open and you passed out.

Blackness. Nothingness. Oblivion.






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