The Golden Lions – by Teracles

In my last post, I used a couple of guys from an old pic on the extreme right and left.  It was part of a series about the “Golden Lions”, a tribe whose last raid didn’t go well.
Their intended victims plan a celebration, with the Lions being staked out for some ab bashing and pec pounding, or tied to a crux for some humiliation at the party.
Anyway, here’s an slightly updated version of the original, and some new ones of the Lions being cruxed.  Hope you like them!
(Click image to enlarge.)


6 thoughts on “The Golden Lions – by Teracles

  1. I don’t understand why the slaves always have something to hide their cocks. In the context presented here, the logic would be they should be naked. Can you explain, please

    • I personally am more turned on if the muscular hero has a sleeve ripped of his shirt, or if the Jungle Man is in a skimpy loin cloth. It somehow involves me more in the image. I am always disappointed in a porn or fight film when the tormentor immediately strips away all the hero’s clothing. It is much
      more erotic to me when it is done slowly and more artfully paced.

      I suspect I am not alone in this. -Aquadude

      PS: In Teracles work, I feel one of the reasons the musculature stands out so vividly is the contrast with the skimpy clothing.

      • Full frontal nudity and groping causing an erection and ejaculation would be cool.

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