“Memories of Tortures Past” by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 8 (of 14)

Chapter 8

POW Prep

Jose started giving the others orders to carry out the Colonel’s commands. Chains rattled and your arms were lowered, uncuffed. You were pulled away from the wall and forced to the center of the room. Paul was brought up directly in front of you, just inches away, and your both were refastened by your wrists to ceiling chains. You felt hands start to work on your dick, not so gently massaging it hard. Then a cord of some type was tied around the base of your hardon. It hurt it was so tight and you knew instantly that your hardon was going to stay rock regardless of what happened. Then you felt your dick being pressed against Paul’s equally hard cock. Cord was being laced around the two boners, tying them together. Again, the cords were tightly tied and hurt.

The worst pain came when the goons pulled your nut sack out. You groaned from the sudden pain. Then the oddest sensation rose from your crotch as they tied your sack to Paul’s. You could feel his prickly pubes and spongy balls pressing against your own. More tight knots and the feeling was now permanent.

Your chests were pushed together. His chest hairs were matted against yours, the skin slippery from sweat. It still felt really weird to have your junks mashed together, reminding you of earlier shower antics. Under different circumstances it would have been very stimulating, but fear has a way of short-circuiting everything.

A rope was strung around your necks, pulling your head in against his. Both of you were sweating like animals at this point. You felt another rope being strung on your ankles securing yours to Paul’s.

Each step escalated the fear-knot in your stomach. You knew this was deliberate, a standard tactic used in torture. You weren’t ready for the next bondage step. Jose came over with a long needle threaded with a thin cord. Both the needle and the cord were much thicker than standard sewing materials.

“Guess where this goes, gringos,” he taunted. Then you remembered what the Colonel had ordered: “Sew their nips together.”

You and Paul both stirred at the prospects of having your nipples sewn together. You heaved and pulled in the bondage, but the guards held both of you tight.

“First we get those gringo nipples up hard,” Jose smirked. You felt hands reach between your chests. Fingers flicked and squeezed your nipples, which quickly became erect. You knew your nips were wired to your abs and cock and when they became erect, a sudden spasm of pleasure/pain swept your abs into contraction. In the past you and Paul had enjoyed the sensation since it also led to a good hardon.

Then Jose went to work on his brutal task. He placed the needle against the base of your right nipple and then slowly, very slowly, pushed the metal tip up into the pec. The initial prick of the needle tip was nothing. The real pain spiked as the needle forced its way down through nipple cartilage, layer by layer. It was worse from the slowness of the penetration. Jose’s face lit up like a kid at a birthday party; he was a true sadist. You struggled against the pain but the guards held your chest firmly. Finally the needle emerged, but then he pulled the cord through. It’s surface was rough, not smooth like the needle, and it was agonizing as he pulled and pulled. You screamed from the pain.

Paul’s turn. You felt Jose’s hand position to insert the needle in a downward direction, opposite to yours. You could feel his muscular body tense and writhe, you could hear him scream into the cord gag; it was doubly loud since your heads were tied so closely together. Then the fuckin’ Jose ran the needle through your nip again, side to side, perpendicular to the first stab. More agony as the cord was pulled through. Then one more stich into Paul’s nip.

You thought it was over, but Jose then pulled the loose ends of the cord together, tying them off in a knot, pressing your nip against Paul’s. You both screamed and writhed.

No surprise when Jose repeated the torture on your left nip, Paul’s right. You both screamed again. You guessed there was some bleeding, but you couldn’t move your head down to look. The pain was a fire on your chest. There was also an element of humiliation: cock and balls tied tightly together, necks and ankles, and now nips. Two muscular, grown young men in degrading sexual bondage.

Jose joked at the lewdness of it all: “Ha! Compadres, look at the faggot slut gringos pressing their bodies together like they are in love! Maybe we should let them kiss later! Ha!”

You didn’t blush at his comments; there was nothing to be embarrassed about. This was all part of softening up the vic for the main event and, of course, you knew the worst was just around the corner.



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