“Memories of Tortures Past” by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 6 (of 14)

Chapter 6

Prep For The Worst

Sweat was dripping down your face and Paul’s, running down your chests, even dripping from your cocks and ball sacks.

The Colonel waited a good minute, staring at both of you. Then he took a deep breath. “Si, that’s your answer. Prepare for the worst, stupid gringos.”

He turned to one of the soldiers: “Jose, soften them up first. Then put them chest to chest in the usual fashion. Get them both hard and tie their dicks and ball sacks together. Tie them tightly! Then I want their nipples sewn together. Get out the box of whips. Put the single tail one in salt water. Bring in the electricity box, too. ”

“Yes, Sir, Sir Colonel!” the flunky barked back and left the room on his errand.

The Colonel turned his attention back to the two of you. You remember his hand gliding over the muscles in your chest and stomach and then he squeezed your junk is his hand.

He smiled as he intensely glared into your eyes. Then he moved away: “I’m going for some beer while my guards prepare you.” He turned to leave the room. “I very much look forward to this,” he added on the way out.



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