Wild Wild West follow-up – Aquadude

Hi Guys,

In his 252nd “Night” this week, Amalaric featured Robert Conrad, the incredibly handsome star of the Wild Wild West 1960’s TV Series. In response to the enthusiastic comments, I am re-presenting here the Wild Wild West Bunker Series I put together a few years ago.

Hero-in-distress scenes from all four seasons are presented sequentially. Season 1 was in black-and-white, Seasons 2 to 4 were in color. My format has my selected images surrounding a drawn figure of a western agent, (the way each show actually began).


To go to the series, click URL:

Wild Wild West | Aquadude Bunker


Robert Conrad as James West


3 thoughts on “Wild Wild West follow-up – Aquadude

  1. Thank you for the reminder Aquadude, Robert Conrad was a gorgeous handsome and very sexy hunk. We saw a lot of him stripped to the waist but he always got to keep his trousers on… damn… would have loved to see him stripped of them occasionally. Bob Conrad had great thighs …; such a waste! Thanks for what you can do with your art Amalaric, you can whip a guy’s pants off in no time.

  2. These are great!!! Brings back a lot of fine memories from when I was a kid…in those days James West was simply the best! I also love the last set where we get a fine peek at JW in some very modern looking tighty whities!

  3. Me too Amalaric , I can still remember the first time I saw Robert Conrad on screen and he just blew me away? What a sexy hunk, woof woof !!!!

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