The Two Hundredth and Forty Ninth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

Display and Deportment 2

Of course, most owners of young males, who are in their physical prime with bodies trained to near-perfection, want to appreciate what has been achieved and also desire that others do so as well. The best way, of course, is to keep the buck completely naked. All of his magnificent muscle groups and bodily contours are then easily viewed, evaluated, and handled.

The manuals describing various protocols of display and deportment generally agree on the following: The hair on a buck’s head should be kept very short. Variations, however, exist. A ‘crew cut’, ‘buzz’ or ‘military’ being the most popular styles. Some owners do prefer a buck with bushy, longish, or even very-long hair and this is deemed perfectly acceptable as a matter of personal taste. The buck should possess a handsome face, strong even teeth, thick neck, wide, rounded shoulders, deep chest crowned by moderate-sized nipples (too small or large is deemed a definite flaw), defined abdominals, with narrow waist and hips but thick, well-developed thighs and calves. One of the great advantages of complete nudity is the view afforded of the young male’s penis and testicles. Ideally, these should be firm, well-shaped and of a good size. The back view, though perhaps less complex, is still quite important. A broad back with all muscle groups visibly defined and deep buttocks without any sag are essential. The back- tapering upward from the twin dimples just above the rise of firm buttocks should, preferably, be hairless.

And, speaking of hair; it must be admitted that some debate revolves around what has emerged as a complicated issue of personal taste. Some owners prefer their bucks to be completely hairless- head to toe- subjecting them to a regular shaving routine or the more permanent solution of electrolysis. For a while shaved heads, torsos, and pubic areas seemed to set what appeared to be a universal norm. Later, a reaction set in and, though nowadays something of a free-for-all, the generally acknowledged standard is for the natural display of any and all body hair, often, however, kept clipped and groomed- especially if the owner views his buck as a kind of accessory or may, even, want to enter him into various shows or competitions. Naturally, bucks that are only kept for labor, breeding, or other entirely practical purposes, are rarely impacted by the ‘body hair debate’.

So far, all that we have spoken of is simple display without consideration of deportment. An ironic omission since these exist in intimate relationship; one makes little sense without the other. Absolute basic deportment is as follows: strong posture with shoulders squared, back straight, chest forward, arms hanging loosely at the sides, and legs slightly spread. The head should be slightly averted and bowed. Eye contact must never happen unless invited or commanded and under no circumstances may the young male’s penis and testicles be shielded or obscured unless invited to do so for specific reasons. The expression on a buck’s face should have a quality that the manuals refer to as ‘pensive/passive’, with a smile, grimace or other type of emotional response permitted only under expressly warranted circumstances.

Training in more complex modes of display and deportment will, of course, follow in due course.


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