The Two Hundredth and Forty Fourth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

Display and Deportment 1

As the cost of purchasing young males continues to spiral ever higher, especially in the narrow age bracket of nineteen to twenty-five; a time when virtually all experts acknowledge that a buck can be found in his physical prime, owners of these high-status items are naturally concerned with optimum means of display and meticulously proper deportment. So much so that a complex protocol has been developed by the industry and published in complementary manuals obtainable after a buck’s purchase. This series of ‘display and deportment’ vignettes, ranging from the simple to the complex, is gleaned from those manuals.

First, it should be noted that the bucks are not always kept fully nude. This would be both highly impractical- in freezing temperatures or labouring in very rough terrain- and, at times, even undesirable; for instance, when an elderly spinster aunt drops by, or in the disapproving presence of fundamentalist neighbors. Often bucks are displayed in simple tees with denim or khaki trousers (preferably beltless), plain undershorts (or none at all), and work boots (with socks) or sandals. That being said, it is generally acknowledged that if the young male is to be allowed any clothing, a simple pair of fly front briefs should suffice for modesty with other layers of clothing added for taste or practicality as the situation may demand. But, if at all possible, the buck should be displayed stripped, at least, to the waist in order to advertise the prowess of his muscular arms and torso.



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