“The penultimate guy on the left manip…” –by Amalaric

Way fun reading the comments on the ‘Guy on the Left’ thread!! As I wrote to Justin, that priceless moment is one of my all-time favorites when the big, hairy stud- left standing stupidly wondering when the axe will fall (metaphorically speaking but pun fully intended)- is left with the dubious nod to his modesty wearing (for all practical purposes) nothing but a tight pair of white fly front briefs. The bulge in his crotch is already quite revealing; a nice pair of balls and big cock nestle, terrified, in the sweaty nest. The order finally comes, and the reluctant buck slowly lowers his briefs, exposing his magnificent manhood to full sight and…touch. The rest of his clothes- open shirt, shoes, socks and lowered trousers will soon follow as, buck naked, he is put on display and the physical ordeal can begin.






7 thoughts on ““The penultimate guy on the left manip…” –by Amalaric

  1. Aw Amalaric, tight, white briefs ? Hardly tighty-whities, more like old fashioned baggy passion killers….; still a super gorgeous sexy hunk though, even in these dreadful underpants he looks good enough to…………. ????

  2. Thanks for the nod, Martin- baggy passion killers? You crack me up. Now, I will review my files and see if there may be some true tighty whities lurking somewhere. One caveat, though- they have to be white fly fronts (for some reason). Maybe FTL’s or Hanes two sizes too small…wink?

  3. Ha ha, thanks for responding Amalaric, great, can,t wait…..fly front ? Well I suppose we all have our personal little preferences !! Mine, like Justin, include muscular hairy thighs and definitely pants down first , so very sexy. By the way I’ve also read your story on GBF Bedtime Story 2, WOW, big
    thighs and hairy body …..you write so provocatively ( I was going to say evocatively but predictive text won and may be right !!!) For me, as well a face is important , I notice that you use a significant variety and some leave me cold ( guy in jockstrap recently…ugly I thought ), yes I know it’s in the eye of the beholder but some of your guys, definitely this one included are so hot . Anyway thanks for your work, really appreciate it .

  4. Funny you should mention the Bedtime story 2. I reckoned it was a flop over at GBF as no one had much to say. Personally, it was one of my favorites, based on a very old fantasy (not, by far, always with an erotic dimension) that I would think of when I fell asleep at night. Anyway, I dug it up and, with A’dude’s permission, will re-post here. I tweaked the text a bit to match a few new manips I am working up for the piece.

    As for The Guy on the Left…hmmmm. I think he may have run the race and is stuck with the baggy passion killers. Still, we all know (fast forward to the Grand Finale) that they won’t remain in place for long. Some consolation, haha!

  5. Ah shame, obviously creating manips isn’t easy, thank for trying, would have just loved to have seen the hairy hunk in tight briefs ; Hope you use him in something else, or someone very much much like him ? Strange re GBF story, I thought that it was one of your very best. Will look forward to seeing it here…; tweaked ! Thanks again

  6. Hi Amalaric, many thanks for posting the hunk in underpants pic, much appreciated….. tiny quibble..; agree with Martin re ‘big pants’ !!!! white tight and brief is best….. he still looks sexy as hell though PHEW !!!!!

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