“Last one of the guy on the far left.” – by Amalaric

Here is the final manip made for Justin following his comment regarding ‘the guy on the far left’ (“Night 236”). Always jazzed by a forced strip down, I was intrigued by Justin’s notion that pulling down the guy’s trousers and shorts, leaving penis and testicles fully exposed, and leaving his shirt for last was sexy. Having made the manip, I now heartily agree!!! I did unbutton his shirt, though, in order to better advertise that magnificent hairy chest and (not least) to provide a clear view of what’s riding between the stud’s muscular thighs.


16 thoughts on ““Last one of the guy on the far left.” – by Amalaric

  1. OH MY GOODNESS…; you are a true artist Sir, what a photo !!!! Just being greedy here but do you have one made up of the moment just before where he stands with trousers down but still wears tight, white underpants.Head bowed in the certain knowledge that he is going to be forced to pull down his pants and stand naked before these guys. Woof, woof woof indeed… brilliant !

  2. It would be the essence of simplicity to create a manip like that, Justin. My only hope is that guys are not being bored to tears by the fun we are having! If Aquadude thinks enough is enough, write me at my e-mail address and I will attach the manip, otherwise, if Adude thinks best, we can post one more over here.

    • Amalaric and Justin,
      GO FOR IT!! The whole purpose of the site is to have fun. Which you two are doing – and sharing with the rest of us. And in the process, creating really fine erotic art,
      Thanks to both of you! The comment section is what breaths life into a site.

      • Thank you Aquadude, glad you’re ok with this …I am VERY happy with the on going saga ……more to come I hope ?

  3. Thank you, will do as you suggest if Aquadude does not agree but then this is all pretty sexy stuff and definitely within keeping of the site`s ethos I would think. I think, being a connoisseur of male thighs as I am, that you have used slightly different ones this time ? Not that I`m complaining… my goodness, why would I ? I think a piece of fiction about the situation in the above pic is called for from someone , don`t you ??????

  4. It is titillating to watch a man being ordered to strip, but when I am the prisoner, it conflicts with my innate refusal to “submit”; I get a much bigger thrill out of telling him to “make me”, and revel in the ensuing violent rip-strip.

  5. Agree Topsail, seeing a hunk being rip-stripped is very sexy, but for me, being ordered coldly and
    firmly to strip by a clothed person is exciting. However, seeing a guy held or chained/roped and slowly stripped of his clothes is also VERY sexy

  6. Hi Amalaric, just wanted to say how much I like what’s going on here, this pic is just spectacular….agree with Justin ‘re hairy studs are soo sexy. Just say one of my favourite pieces by you is on the gay bondage fiction site , entitled Bedtime Stories 2 , wow that story of a bunny stud being forced to strip just blew me away

  7. Am new to this site but this caught my attention, really hot stuff and that picture by Amalaric is so incredibly sexy;;;;phew; what a handsome hunk and what a great body,and trousers down…;this is just so much my preference…..;what happens now ? Is he then forced to take off his shirt ? What are they going to do to him ? Is he going to be whipped across his muscular, sexy buttocks ? Why are they doing this anyway ? Will the older guy on the right take time to fondle and examine the stud’s impressive genitals ? Phew the sky’s the limit when your imagination lets rip !

  8. If anyone cares to write something up, I will be more than happy to continue the saga…

    ps- I kind of like the phrase ‘bunny stud’. Will check out that piece at GBF and see about re-posting here.

    • Ha ha I know what you mean re “bunny stud” rather like “stud muffin”, it has a certain ring to it. Now that Aqua is happy with this would you be kind enough to post the guy with trousers down but with briefs on perhaps when you have time ? Have some thoughts on the above situation;;;;;;the possibilities really fire the imagination

  9. Oh and by the way I know the piece to which Billy refers, the writing is thrillingly hot,, the detail you put in, one feels that one is almost there, …….and the stud in the story is hairy and has ” rather over-developed, footballers thighs……phew…..my cup of tea or what !!!!!

  10. An existence of agony and humiliation, all taped for a very private audience. The final scene is one of pure deviance and utter pain, stripping clothing is on a metaphor for the stripping of the whole.

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