“The Hunk on the Left” – by Amalaric

I was very amused by the comment of a guy called Justin on the latest Night (#236), so I made a special manip just for him. Attached is the manip and some text…



I, too, have been hankering for ages to see what the buck on the far-left may be packing in that rather bulky loincloth. Let’s have a look at the goods…




3 thoughts on ““The Hunk on the Left” – by Amalaric

  1. WOW !!! Thank you Amalaric, you have made my day..the guy is GORGEOUS !! Bulging hairy pecs and hairy, muscular thighs do it for me every time. Can just imagine him in modern times stripped down to a pair of tight, white underpants, strung up, helpless whilst a guy, perhaps in uniform, slowly pushes a hand down into the hunk’s pants and then pulls them down much to the buck’s intense shame. His shame and humiliation intensifies as he is forced to submit to an obscenely intimate examination of his manhood. WOOF !!! Have you any more of this beauty by any chance ???..your photo manips are such incredible quality, you raise them to an art form thank you Amalaric

  2. Thanks, Justin. I concocted this one just for you…but I can always make more (wink!!!). Tight white underpants? Well, anyone that knows me (in this persona at least) realizes that absolutely NOTHING floats my boat better than the scenario you suggest…indeed, WOOF!!!!! If A’dude remains patient (don’t want to bore the rest of the site) I will make a new set as you suggest. I also have an old series using this guy (I only have the one head shot) in black and white that vaguely details disciplinary procedures at the Yuma state penitentiary in Arizona. I had always wanted to write it up but never got around to it. Thing is, though, he isn’t hairy but still, I think, very hot. Interested?

  3. AMAZING !! Sounds good, would just love to see it……shame about the lack of hair, just think that hairy pecs and thighs accentuate a guy’s masculinity so there’s a strong, very masculine hunk helpless and at someone else’s mercy. I mean it’s pretty subjective though right ? What constitutes
    a hot/sexy/ beautiful hunk is in the eye of the beholder. Some guys don’t do it for me e.g your naked guy in the cowboys and Indians pic whereas this strong, muscular hunk here…PHEW !!! Love it when a buck is either forcibly stripped ( hopefully the pants/trousers have to come off first…just a thing that I have !!) or is forced to strip in front of a group of clothed guys. Must stop …am getting carried away……loved the one that you did of Nathan’s scenario some time ago..especially where the guy’s fondling the naked hunk’s balls. Keep up the good work

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