The Slave Pit of Zangoria – by Teracles

Happy New Year All!
Here’s an introduction to a potential new series, featuring a couple of hunky jungle slaves and, just off screen, their personal slave driver.  It’s still very much in the rough idea stage, so suggestions and ideas are welcome.
What I’ve got so far is that the slaves are kept busy during the day building a jungle temple (hence the stone blocks they’re carrying), and of course being whipped for not working hard enough.  In the evening their masters entertain themselves abusing the slaves before tossing them in the pit for the night.
Again, ideas are welcome.


10 thoughts on “The Slave Pit of Zangoria – by Teracles

  1. Just a thought… after days of intense labor, and evenings of hard Torture by their slave drivers, being together in the pit at night, comforting each other, massaging each other’s sore muscles, finding sexual release in each other’s arms, the two slaves become stronger and more attached to each other, despite the attempts by the slave drivers to make then turn against each other…

  2. Sounds good except I’m not sure the slave drivers would care how they felt about one another! Slaves with feelings? Who cares about the dumb animals!

    • Just another reason they will band together against the slave drivers when their torturers see what is happening and try to turn them against each other to maintain control(?)… just spitballing here…

      • Banding together against the slave drivers? Sounds like a slave revolt, maybe I can work that in 🙂

  3. Great idea! Perhaps build in some additional pressure, in that the high priests demand that this temple must be completed by a particular religious festival – so that they have to be driven even harder?

  4. Maybe they are being forced to build the temple by a certain date so THEY can be sacrificed by slow Torture during the religious Festival…

    • Yes, of course! brilliant! Their long and detailed suffering is an appropriate offering to the deity – the more they suffer, the more the god is pleased!

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