Nostalgia Week – Day 4

(I thought it would be fun this week to post random images from the old MnM Site. Most of these haven’t been shown in almost two decades.   –Aquadude)

(Click image to enlarge.)





6 thoughts on “Nostalgia Week – Day 4

    • …and that was my very first attempt at photomanip, about 2003, 2004! The background was one available from a stock collection, the figure was an acrobat on a trapeze, who only needed to have one leg repositioned, and of course a new “midsection” inserted. The frame was from one of JoeR’s wonderful cavalry trooper torture scenes in the Old West. The theme was an advertisement by an amusement park for volunteers to pose in their haunted house attraction.

      • This thing still turns me on big time! Though I have a thousand things to do, I spent a couple of hours re-working that awesome manip. Stay tuned for ‘1001 Nights # 238’…

  1. I’ve often wished that I had the ability to do some photo work to illustrate some of my writing, or had an illustration program and the talent to use it… but I’m no good at that type of thing on a computer…

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