The Two Hundredth and Thirty Third of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

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The Edmundsville Boy’s Reformatory for young men incarcerated between the ages of fourteen and nineteen viewed itself as a progressive institution. Discipline, of course, was strict and the boys’ daily regimen well-organized and closely supervised. Every aspect of the young inmates’ psyche was scrutinized, noted and, if a need were perceived, addressed in terms of remedial attention.

A case in point: Masturbation, under the age of seventeen, was considered a neurotic anomaly and was strictly forbidden under any and all circumstances. Thanks to the latest in CCTV technology, monitoring the young inmates was rendered simple and effective and, if ‘caught in the act’, suitable punishment was administered as a powerful incentive for the young miscreant to modify his unhealthy behaviour.

At the age of seventeen it was universally recognized that the ongoing process of puberty, rising testosterone levels and a host of other factors had suddenly made the act of masturbation (there were no females at the Reformatory) a healthy necessity. Once a week, young inmates, having achieved their seventeenth birthdays, were remanded to a clinic specifically set up for the purpose, made to strip, strapped to an examination table and manually manipulated to copious ejaculation by trained orderlies. Private pleasuring remained forbidden and would be for the duration of any inmate’s sentence regardless of his age. For this reason, most of the seventeen (and eighteen) year old young men, after initial acute embarrassment and revulsion, actually came to look forward with keen anticipation to their weekly sessions at the clinic.

Certain inmates who had passed their nineteenth birthday were afforded a very special privilege. Usually as a reward for good behaviour, these select young men were taken twice a week to a different wing of the sprawling medical facility, made to strip as usual, but- under close supervision- allowed to self-manipulate themselves to full erections and eventual ejaculation. The results were spectacular. Each young man’s offering of sperm-saturated semen was collected on the spot and analysed, beginning with volume of output, and the results were, generally, quite impressive.

The progressive, not always uncontroversial, but usually highly effective, policies of the Edmundsville Boys’ Reformatory were soon being emulated throughout the country.


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