“Rico” (Part 1 0f 2) by Myzenart

Hi Guys,

While we’re into nostalgia, this fun hero-in-distress comic from the old MnM site got lost in the shuffle when MnM evolved into Chained Muscle. Presented here in two parts, today and tomorrow.


(Click image to enlarge.)


4 thoughts on ““Rico” (Part 1 0f 2) by Myzenart

  1. Oh wow, I remember this series well, from many years ago! How do you find these things, amazing? Grateful to you for sharing with us, and can’t wait for tomorrow because I believe Rico was held and gutpunched. Happy New Year!

  2. This was a really hot series, easy to remember, especially since it came out back in the day before scenes like this were particularly hard to find, and before I was lucky enough to discover your great website!

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