Bunker Pulp Fiction Excerpts

Hard Like Uncle

By George Wilson

Wildboys Collection, WB-127, 1976


Bob wondered how many young unsuspecting or even willing guys were brought up here to his Uncle’s house and worked over by him and his well-muscled leather friend Spike.

Bob assumed that the number was quite large. He was excited at the thought of a lot of sexual traffic in and out of the apartment during the summer. He didn’t think that there would be too many nights where they would be sitting .around without a fucking thing to do. There would probably always be a young muscular stud to work over in whatever way they chose.

Yes, Bob was very happy that he had decided to come and live with his handsome Uncle Jeff for the summer. Things looked like they were all going to work out just great, fucking great indeed!

Jeff grabbed Bob’s arms forcefully and pulled them behind his back. Bob tried to squirm, playing the game at first and then really trying to escape and it was impossible. His Uncle Jeff had wrapped his thickly muscled biceps through his own forearms in kind of a wrestling hold and wedged them between Bob’s back and his own protruding chest. Bob couldn’t move at all. It was as if he had been bound with ropes.

“Look at that fucking body, I’m gonna work that gut and those tits over but good,” Spike said, banging his right fist into his left open palm.

Bob looked at the bulging muscles of the man in front of him, the man who now had a full freedom with his body. He could do whatever he wanted to do to Bob’s torso and Bob wouldn’t be able to fight back. His Uncle Jeff was making sure of that by holding his arms securely between his broad back.

Spike reached forward and began pinching both of Bob’s nipples between his fingers. The more he pinched the harder he pinched, and the stiffer Bob’s nipples became. Before he knew it they were fully erect and jutting out in front of his muscular chest like two tiny spears, ready for battle.

“Squeeze that tit, squeeze that nipple,” Jeff panted as he watched what his humpy leather friend was doing.

Bob could feel the stiffening cock of his Uncle pressing against his rear end. He felt it growing harder and harder the more his Uncle Jeff watched what Spike was doing.

Suddenly Spike closed his hand into a strong fist and moved it down across the ridges of belly muscles in Bob’s gut. He pulled his hand way in back of him slowly, and then with a quick short jab he, let the fist slam into. the pit of Bob’s gut.

Bob doubled over in pain as the fist slammed into his gut, but a little bit of cum shot out of the tip of his cock. He was actually responding to the beating, responding to the pain, and in a positive and sexually stimulating fashion.

Once again the man punched him in the gut, once again he doubled over, and once again he got so turned on he thought he was going to come.

Spike began to use him like he was a punching bag. He punched him in the chest and in the gut repeatedly, squeezed his nipples, and toyed with his upper body in whatever way he desired.

Bob could feel the aches and pains in his muscles and torso, the parts that were being battered by the sadistic leather lover, but he also felt the high level of stimulation that was coursing throughout his body as the beating continued.

Suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, Spike dropped to his knees in front of him and yanked down the buttons to his sexy faded jeans.

Bob threw his head back and smashed it against his Uncle Jeff’s chest as he writhed about in pleasure. Still, however, Jeff didn’t free him. He was still their prisoner, and he knew that the beating would be resumed.

It was this lack of control that was exciting Bob. He was theirs to do with whatever the fuck they chose. There was no escape, no telling them what to do. He had to just stand there and take it all, whatever ”’all” might be, however stimulating, or however painful!


5 thoughts on “Bunker Pulp Fiction Excerpts

  1. This short excerpt is typical of a lot of the gay porn pulp fiction from the “golden age.” Often not that well crafted, written solely to stimulate sexually, and to introduce the reader to shockingly new life styles. I find a certain nostalgic fun in revisiting it.

    • i really enjoyed reading this and some of the other excerpts I would like to read the entire book do you know where i can purchase or find it these books are not in amazon

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