Bunker Daily Comics – Special Note on the Rahan Series

Hi Guys,

I realize we’ve spent a LOT of time on the Rahan Comic Series, which ended this week. Let me explain why I devoted so much time to it.

About ten years ago I did a five scroll series based on the art of this French comic, called Hunting the Young Blond Caveman, A Prehistoric Tale of Torture and Sadism.

I had to limit the series to five scrolls because acquiring more of the Rahan comics was so difficult. Even the Internet didn’t help. What little was (rarely) offered was price prohibiting.

So, after years of waiting, when I recently came across this find, I wanted to give it the full treatment. It has such great portrayals of our themes of the hero-in-distress, capture, bondage, etc.

The original five scroll series, oddly enough, got the job done.  It deals with the question of how deeply embedded is the theme of the hero-in-distress fantasy in human consciousness. And I am offering it today to revisit.


GO TO/Bunker Content/Aquadude Stories/Blond Caveman

(Hint: Some browsers (like Firefox) do a better job in properly sizing scrolls.)


Sharing the fantasy,




5 thoughts on “Bunker Daily Comics – Special Note on the Rahan Series

  1. Sorry you’re finished with the Rahan series–I’ve looked forward to them. Only sorry Cherét doesn’t give him a little more of a derrière. Maybe those evolved later. Thought I might begin to provide translations, but never seem to squeeze out the time. Now that it’s not an infinitely expanding task, might give it a try. Very glad you decided to share these.

  2. Afterthought, on viewing the last but one frame of your final Rahan post: doesn’t this full frame portrait of the hero look an awful lot like Brigitte Bardot in her prime? Throughout the series I’ve seen hints of this but here it’s pretty explicit. How very French.

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