Bunker Pulp Fiction Excerpts

Hitch Hike

By George Wilson

The Blueboy Library #103


Rusty might have said something, had he not been tied and gagged. There was a thick leather strap through his mouth, tied securely behind his head. All he could do was moan, at the very most. His hands were securely bound with handcuffs in front of him, and then in turn attached to the chain the Baron held in his hand. He was being led like a dog, to what unspeakable act of aggression, his friend, Tony, could only guess.

Rusty’s head was bowed, in a servant or slave-like fashion. Tony wondered what the Baron had already done to him, what horrible pain he might have inflicted upon him, to subdue his zealous young spirit in this obvious fashion.

The Baron led Rusty over to the huge wooden table. He unclasped his hands from the chain, but kept the cuffs on him. It was then that Tony took the time to notice what Rusty was wearing. Up until then he had been in such a state of shock over the whole fucking affair, he hadn’t been thinking too clearly.

Rusty was naked from the waist up, except for the leather gag which the Baron had placed securely in his mouth, and which was left there to assure total silence and obedience.

Rusty was barefoot, and clad in a pair of tight, black-leather chaps. They gripped his legs like a second skin. The front and back were open, and his huge piece of cock meat hung down between his muscular thighs, in an extremely inviting vision.

His round, rock-hard buns could be clearly seen out of the opening in the back of the chaps. Tony felt his own cock jumping at the sight of his friend in such sexy, and masculine attire.

Then he felt bad that he should be having such thoughts, while his poor friend was so unwillingly in the clutches of such an evil tyrant as the Baron.

Try as he might, Tony’s hard-on would not go away. It seemed to get harder and harder as the proceedings progressed. He felt like he was going to just cum, without anyone or anything even touching his prick. That would sure be embarrassing, and might bring a wrath of anger from the Baron he was not yet ready to endure

The Baron grabbed Rusty around the neck and shoved him over onto the table in the middle of the dungeon. Rusty slammed into the slab of wood and fell forward. The Baron quickly positioned him on his back, arms over his head, legs spread-eagled at the other end.

With the driver’s quick assistance, they rendered Rusty helpless by tying his handcuffs to a chain at the head of the table, and pulling his legs far apart so that his naked crotch was clearly exhibited and extremely vulnerable. They proceeded to tie each of his feet to the corners of the wooden bench with leather thongs.

Sprawled out on his back, hands and legs securely tied in this fashion, Rusty was nothing more than a play thing for the Baron. He could use and abuse his body in any way he saw fit. Tony had the uneasy feeling he was going to do just that!

The Baron walked over to a large steel chest in one corner of the dungeon. Taking a key from a chain on his studded belt, he opened the top slowly. The rust-covered hinges squeaked with a menacing sound.

He fumbled about inside for a bit, then took out a huge black candle.

Tony was confused. He couldn’t figure out what the hell the Baron could possible do with the candle.

It didn’t take him long to find out!

As if he knew the horror that was about to engulf him, Rusty began to squirm about on the bench. He moaned and writhed like a helpless puppy, barely able to move at all he was bound so securely to the wood beneath him.

His muscles strained and glistened under the light of the torch, in a way that once again had Tony’s cock stirring. It was a very strange, and highly erotic feeling that now coursed through his young eager body. Seeing his buddy tied up, and at the hands of the overpowering Baron, was a sight that was undeniably sexual. He just couldn’t help himself!

He was afraid for his friend, afraid of what the Baron was going to do to him. But on the same hand, way down inside, he couldn’t wait to see the action.

As bad as it made him feel, he was getting off on it!

The Baron approached Rusty’s tied body, an evil grin spreading across his bearded face. He had a menacing look about him, a look that seemed to spell danger and pain.

The Baron lit the wick of the huge candle from the roaring flame of the torch. He held the candle over Rusty’s outstretched body, then tipped it slightly.

Now it hit Tony what the Baron was doing … he was going to burn Rusty with the wax!

Tony wanted to call out, to scream for the Baron to stop. But he quickly remembered the clout on the side of the head that the driver had administered. He didn’t want to anger either of his captors again, so he didn’t utter a sound.

With feelings both horrified and excited at the same time, he watched the proceedings along with the rest of the helplessly bound studs.

The Baron tipped the candle, and the first drip of boiling hot wax fell to Rusty’s flesh. The wax hit him on the chest, right near his right nipple.

He screamed out in agony, but his sounds only came out as muffled moans. The gag was thick and securely placed in his mouth. He squirmed about on the wood in obvious pain, but he had been tied quite proficiently. He wasn’t going anywhere!

The wax began to drip steadily from the candle. The Baron began target-shooting the burning, pain-inflicting globs of hot wax onto Rusty’s helplessly-bound body.

Over and over again the wax dropped onto Rusty’s gleaming, muscular flesh. Each drip caused the handsome young stud incredible amounts of pain. His face contorted in agony, as he continued to scream out in vain, his voice nothing more than a faint moan through the leather gag.

The Baron now held the candle over his nipples, and made sure that the wax fell right on them. Back and forth, from one nipple to the other he moved his hand, the wax dripping in painful splashes on the poor young stud’s body.

Down over the expanse of his muscular torso he went, blanketing Rusty in a thin layer of scorching hot wax. Each drop from the candle seemed to bring the boy more and more pain, in an endless attack of torture on his helpless flesh.

The leather bands cut into his flesh as he pulled against his confining entrapment with all the strength he could muster. But it was useless! It was obvious he wouldn’t be let up from the torture table until the Baron decided it was time … and God only knew when the hell that would be! From the look of sexual and sadistic delight on the Baron’s face, it would be quite a while before he had his fill of torturing the young stud.

Much to everyone’s horror, especially Rusty’s, the Baron began to slowly move the candle down over his chest. The wax burned Rusty’s well-defined gut, trickling down over the washboard layers of his flesh in a way that had the rest of the guy’s watching with wide-open eyes.

Rusty looked in horrible pain as the Baron let the wax fall on his gut, over and over again, dropping onto his bell-button more than once, and then moving to his lower abdomen.

The chaps that Rusty were wearing left his crotch completely exposed, and it was now apparent that the Baron was heading in the direction of his vulnerable cock.

Tony couldn’t believe that the Baron would actually burn the stud’s prick! Would he?

Tony held his breath, along with everybody else in the dungeon, as the Baron headed down over Rusty’s firm, tortured flesh.

Tears of anguish trickled down Rusty’s distorted, agonized face, as the wax now burned his crotch. The Baron deliberately teased the stud, playing with his emotions, and holding off from the inevitable.

And then he did it!

With all the malice of a sadistic master, a brutal savage, he let a drop of hot wax fall onto the tight-skinned shaft of Rusty’s extra-thick dick.

Tony had all he could do to keep from screaming. It was as if he felt the pain right along with his friend. The look on Rusty’s face exhibited clearly the torture he was in. The preceding had been nothing compared to the pain he now felt, as the Baron began to let the wax drop closer to his cock head.

What Tony couldn’t understand, was the fact that cum was now dripping out of the tip of his cock. Every time the wax fell on his buddy’s dick, his own cock jumped, and a little more pre-cum oozed from his piss slit.

How could he possibly be reacting in a sexual way, to such a torturous scene? How could he be getting off on the pain his friend was being forced to submit to?

Finally the Baron let the wax fall on the boy’s cock head. Rusty continued to writhe about savagely on the wooden bench, but all it did was make the leather bindings cut into his flesh. Tiny traces of blood now trickled near the straps, on both his ankles and his wrists, where the handcuffs still held his hands helplessly bound. His torture-ridden cock head was splashed with wax over and over again.

Tony looked like he was going to pass out from the pain!

Suddenly the Baron motioned to the driver, and he came quickly. They began untying Rusty, and, Tony was mixed with feelings. He was glad that it looked like they were freeing his buddy, for a while anyway, but at the same time he was disappointed that the hot live sex show was ending. He felt bad that he had these feelings, but he couldn’t help himself. The sight of his friend getting tortured like that, had been a hot vision, the likes of which he’d never experienced before in his life.

To Tony’s combined horror and delight, the Baron was far from through with his friend.

Once the driver had untied him, he merely turned him over onto his stomach, and refastened the bindings.

Tony’s cock jumped and oozed cum once again, when he got a sight of that beautiful ass that Rusty possessed. It looked so fucking hot in the black-leather chaps. They were cut tightly, right under his full round buns, and seemed to accentuate the sensuality of his cheeks.


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