Bunker Pulp Fiction Excerpts

Confessions of a Naked Piano Player (Two Excerpts)

by Torsten Barring

Badboy Edition 626-X, Masquerade Books, Inc., 1998


Excerpt One

Narration: Then, with two guards on either side of me, I was escorted along to a stairwell and down into the dismal depths of the Interrogation Room, where Major Strauss waited, seated at his desk with his retinue of soldiers and sycophants surrounding him. The two guards placed me in the middle, opposite the desk, while the others arranged themselves around the room. I tried not to look at the wooden torture frame that stood menacingly—dominating the room—waiting for me. I cast surreptitious glances at the soldiers in the room. All of them were stroking the boners in their pants—caressing their rigid lengths idly. I looked at all their groins and noted they all had their hands in their pockets, playing with their excited dicks as they looked me over—undressing me with their eyes. They could hardly wait! Strauss addressed me in English. His speech betrayed not a trace of German accent. Like my father, he had been educated at Oxford.

Strauss: Frightened, are you not? You try to hide it, but I can tell. You have good reason to be afraid. You have certain information I want and I mean to get it. For a start, I want to know your squadron strength.

McKenzie My name is McKenzie, Rory, Squadron Leader, Serial Number 1649821.

Strauss: Ah, but I already know that. I want to know your squadron strength.

McKenzie: My name is McKenzie, Rory,—

Strauss: Ach—SCHWEIN!

Narration: His face turned purple with rage as he cursed in German and slashed his riding crop down on the table surface. While all the men, including myself, were fully dressed, still there was an aura of sexuality in the room that transcended the dress. Putting on as manful a show of courage as I could, I completed the statement he had inter­rupted.

McKenzie: —Squadron Leader, Serial Number 1649821.

Strauss: You poor fool. Is it possible you are not aware of what awaits you if you do not cooperate?

Narration: Using his riding crop as a pointer, he indicated the torture frame with its leather straps at the top and bottom. Oh, I was aware. Only too aware. I had seen my mate in the military hospital after his miraculous escape from this same monster. After all the things Strauss had done to Jack’s fine young body, it was understandable that he couldn’t bear to wear a stitch of clothes. All poor Jack could do was lie there, stark naked, and try to smile. I espe­cially remember the burns and bruises on his nipples and his cock.

McKenzie: Major Strauss, is it possible you are not aware of the Geneva Convention?

Strauss: HA! The Geneva Convention! You amuse me. And who is going to report me? You? For the last time, what is your squadron strength?

McKenzie: I have nothing to say to you.

Strauss: Ah, but you have. Let me tell you what awaits you if you do not talk I can see even through your uniform that you are extremely well built. And I cannot help but observe that your trousers are tailored to fit skintight It is obvious that you are exceptionally well endowed and I have invented some instruments that I am eager to demonstrate to my men. I have only been waiting to find a subject who is—shall I say—suitable? And it would appear that you are—extremely suitable.

Narration: He placed the tip of his riding crop against my groin and tapped it and stroked it and moved the springy point down and up and all around. He was literally outlining through my trousers the thickness and length of my cock! Although I remained braced at strict military attention, my cock began to stir and stiffen. For the first time in my military career, I regretted wearing my uniform trousers so extremely tight.

Strauss: I will delight in making you talk. I actually enjoy using my instruments on handsome well-hung young men. And I shall do it slowly—enjoying my work —enjoying your virile young body—enjoying your screams of agony. Oh, yes, brave and handsome young McKenzie, Rory, Squadron Leader, Serial Number what­ever—I am going to torture you. I am going to have you stripped naked. You are an officer and a gentleman, yes? But I am going to have you stripped bare for all these common soldiers to see. Your penis and your testicles will be exposed to their gaze

Narration: Through his long speech he never ceased to tantalize my prick with his damned riding crop. I was beginning to comprehend what was in poor Jack’s mind when he declared that there were things Major Strauss had done to his naked body on that torture frame that he would never reveal to a living soul. The Nazi bastard was making me get a HARD-ON!

Strauss: I ask you, McKenzie, Rory, Squadron Leader, can you imagine the shame of being forcibly stripped naked? Of having the clothes torn from your body?—can you?—Can you?—

McKenzie: I have nothing to say.

Strauss: Ah, but then—after you have been stripped and bared and exposed—then I will have you strapped to that frame. You cannot imagine, I am sure, what delights await your naked body— spread-eagled so very tightly on that frame. For a start—and believe me it is only a little warm-up— I shall lash your buttocks with a nine­thonged whip. Then, to prepare your BIG MANLY PENIS for the delights I have in mind for it, I shall force you to achieve and maintain an erection. Yes, I shall order one of my soldiers to excite your penis until you are on the verge of orgasm. I ask you, can you imagine the shame, the humiliation, the utter disgrace of having your most private part abused by a common soldier while you’re in bondage? But despite your abhorrence of what he is doing to you—in front of all these soldiers— your Penis will harden and swell to its maximum thickness and length. Perhaps by then you will be ready to talk—to spare yourself what comes next. If not, then on to the Big Show. The Main Show. These clips—Look at them.

McKenzie: I know what they are. And what they’re for.

Strauss: I command you to look at them! —These two I fasten to your nipples. These two I clamp to your testi­cles. This one—ah yes, my pride and joy—this one I fix to your pride and joy! And that is not all. This cylinder —ah, I have only recently perfected it—this cylinder I insert between the cheeks of your buttocks—way up inside your rectum, against your prostate. Then we will begin to apply the pain. So slowly at first. This box— Look at it, it won’t bite you yet.—LOOK!—This box allows us to send ever-increasing volts of electric current directly into your sexual equipment. Ah, the poetry of it! All the places on your body that provide you the most pleasure when you make love—all the masculine eroge­nous zones that your girlfriend—if she’s good in bed— gives attention to with her fingers, her lips, her tongue— They are the same places I will attach the electrodes! I will tease you. I will tantalize you like a Demon Lover. I will go so slow. At first you will feel only a pleasant tingling—on your nipples—on your testicles—on your penis—on your anus. A most delightful stimulation, as in Sexual Foreplay. Then, I will gradually increase the current until the pain merges with the pleasure—the pleasure and the pain playing with each other—copulat­ing—enjoying an erotic contest to determine which shall overcome the other. I will keep you there for a while. I will even bring you to sexual climax several times before I take you to the next stage. But— finally—I will send you over—and beyond—to a Hell of ever-mounting Agony that will eventually drive you mad—unless—­unless— Oh, my handsome young friend, surely it would be better to talk now and spare yourself. Don’t you agree?

McKenzie: I have nothing to say.

Strauss: Alright, we have no more time. STRIP HIM!


Excerpt Two.

Narration: The two guards who had brought me to the Chamber of Pain then literally ripped the clothes from my body while I stood there stolidly, taking some courage from knowing I was doing the right thing. The thing any good soldier would do under the circumstances. I even felt a strange rush of pride in the knowledge that many, many fine soldiers in the war had heroically undergone the Ordeal by Torture! I offered no resistance as the two guards tore the battle jacket of my uniform from me, care­less of its future use. Ripping the buttons, tearing the cloth, throwing it to the floor in a corner. I now stood in shirt and tie and tight trousers. One of the guards stood behind me, holding my arms while the other knelt at my waist, undoing the belt and ripping open my trousers at the waist, then pulling them forcibly down my legs. They lifted my legs and took off my shoes and socks, then ripped my trousers off. The tie came next, and then the shirt. They shredded my shirt into many pieces getting it off me. I now stood before them in my singlet and shorts. At that moment, I wished I had been wearing Air Force regulation underpants instead of the rather unmanly, extremely revealing French briefs that Jack had given me for my birthday as a joke. As if it could possibly matter! Before the two guards could go further, Major Strauss stopped them and addressed me once again.

Strauss: Before I have my men strip you completely, I will give you one last chance. Will you talk?

McKenzie: Do to my body whatever you must, Major Strauss, I will tell you nothing.


Narration: The two guards ripped the singlet from my body. But before they reached for my Sexy Shorts, they paused a moment. I think they knew the Major would approve of the drama of that brief pause before they deprived me of the last remaining item of my apparel. And in that pause I summoned the bravado to defy them by displaying my physique proudly. I sucked in my belly and expanded my chest. I raised my arms and flexed my biceps. Like a bodybuilder in a competition, I posed for them—showing it all off! I even tightened my asscheeks and thrust my pelvis out to exhibit the huge bulge in my skimpy low-cut, very sexy briefs. It was as if I were saying: “You want to mark this body up? Go ahead. Do your worst. I can take anything you bastards dish out!” They couldn’t humiliate me by tearing all my clothes off because I knew how good I looked without them. The room was filled with Hitler’s Elite—his chosen Blond Superboys. But I knew there wasn’t a man among them with a body that was a match for mine. And I knew they wanted to “perv” on my body while I was being tortured. They wanted to get their rocks off watching my Sexy Naked Dance of Pain! I’d never talk. But I’d give them a damn good show.

McKenzie: Well what are you waiting for, you sadistic perverts?! Tear my shorts off and torture me! See if I care!

Narration: As one guard hooked his fingers in the waist­band and pulled, the other pulled from the other side— until the cloth tore—tore—tore—into tattered remnants that clung to my loins a moment before they slid to the floor. I now stood stark naked with a hard-on before the German S.S. officer and his men!

Strauss: Mmmm, a sensational body. Look at his muscles! Bodies like his inspire me. At this moment, I feel like a musical virtuoso. And this man’s Naked Body is my instrument of choice. Look at his Enormous Penis! And it’s already fully erect. Imagine, men, the fun we shall have with that magnificent Cock when we go to work on it. Oh yes, yes, yes, he should provide a great deal of entertainment as we extract the information from him, piece by piece. Of course it’s a shame to have to mar such a godlike body, but it is not our fault if he refuses to talk—STRING HIM UP! LASH HIM TO THE TORTURE FRAME!

Narration: The guards gripped me by my upper arms and dragged me to the frame. They attached my ankles to the leather straps in the bottom corners and then raised my arms to attach my wrists to the upper restraints. One of them turned a small handle which wound the two ropes to which the restraints were attached, drawing my arms up and stretching my body tight. Every man in the Torture Chamber now gazed upon my taut smooth naked flesh spread-eagled to the shape of a perfect X. To my horror, my absolutely perpendicular, fully erect twelve-inch hard-on began to sway back and forth—left and right—to the beat of my pounding heart. The huge mushroom head began to ooze pearly drops of precome. I couldn’t help it. I always damn near come when I’m naked and men are “perving” on my body. And here was a roomful of HOMO­SEXUAL NAZI SADISTS gloating over the sight of me! This was the moment they had all been waiting for!

Strauss: And now, my stubborn young friend, we begin with Stage One: Private Brunner! You will strip naked and kneel before the prisoner. You will take his cock into your mouth and suck it You will continue to suck it while I lash his buttocks with the nine-thonged whip.

Narration: He appeared to be the youngest soldier in the room. Private Brunner. A mere lad, not a day over eighteen. Instantly, on command, he flung off every stitch of his clothes and knelt before my spread-eagled form. He took my erection into his mouth and effortlessly swallowed all twelve inches. I could not believe the terribleness of the pleasure he inflicted so expertly on my throbbing tool! I’ve had plenty of blowjobs but no man has ever been able to suck my cock like that fiendish little German sword swal­lower. I moaned with ecstasy! But seconds later I was biting my lip to keep from screaming. Standing behind me, Major Strauss was scourging my naked arse with his whip.

Strauss: Talk—UGH!


Strauss: Talk—UGH!


Strauss: Talk—UGH!


Narration: They established a rhythm. A coordination.


Narration: Obviously, they had done this together many times.


Narration: Each blow on my arse drove my cock deep into the boy’s throat


Narration: He would build the suction as he pulled back until only the head of my cock remained in his mouth— then—


Narration:—The force of the lash would drive my cock deep into his throat again.


Narration: And again.


Strauss: Talk, Schwein, UGH!


Strauss: I will lash you—UGH!


Strauss: I will lash you—UGH!


Strauss: I will lash you—UGH!


Strauss: I will not stop—UGH


Strauss: Until you are ready to—


Strauss: Brunner! Why have you stopped sucking the prisoner’s cock?

Brunner: The prisoner is ready to come, Sir.

Strauss: Excellent! That means he is ready for Stage Two: ELECTRODES!

Strauss: Will you talk, now, stubborn man?


Strauss: Very well. I will now attach these clips to your nipples. I am holding them up for you to see. Show me the courtesy of looking at them. That’s better. Observe the razor-sharp jagged teeth of the alligator clips. They dig in very deep, these points. See how sharp they are. Even without the electricity, you will feel much pain on your tender, so sensitive tits. And I will enjoy watching your pain. Has your girlfriend ever sucked on your big, erect Mantits? Has she ever bitten them? Hard? Some men like that. Let us see if you like pain on your Big Juicy Tits, McKenzie Rory.

McKenzie: No—NO!—Aaaaeeeaaaeeeiiiaaahhhhhhh. Nnnn00000000, Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Strauss: You scream and writhe in agony, yes, but your cock quivers with lust! Your rampant, dancing cock is telling you to love the pain on your tits, McKenzie Rory. And your tits look so SEXY adorned with TORTURE PINS!—Now, let’s see how you like the TESTICLE CLAMPS!


Strauss: Yes—it hurts—Oh, how it hurts—Talk and I’ll take them off—Will you talk?

McKenzie: God help me—help me—God‑

Strauss: God is not here. Only I can help you. Will you talk?


Strauss: Very well, look at what I have for your King- Sized Cock. Take a close look, McKenzie Rory, for it is truly a magnificent instrument— and my favorite. It works only on extra large cocks. You can see why. This penis sheath has more than fifty little contact points on its inside surface. The shiny little studs will make contact with your penis-flesh all up and down the shaft. But here at the tip of the sheath is a chrome rod which is slid inside the slit at the tip of your cock head. Then, I tie it off tightly at the bottom end so that it cannot possibly slip off—no matter how violently you convulse when I turn on the current

McKenzie: Please—I beg you—not my cock—God ­no—not my COCK—PLEASE— AAHH!

Strauss Ah yes, yes, yes, yes, your cock, and now your asshole.—There! Feel the prong inside your guts—fuck­ing you—and I haven’t even turned on the current yet. See—My hand is on the switch. One more refusal to talk, and you will feel the fires of Hell licking your tits, your balls, your ass, your cock. Oh, I shall not toy with you, you’ve had your pleasure. You loved it when Brunner sucked your cock And you even loved getting your ass whipped. You love pain, McKenzie Rory, but every Pain Lover has his limits, and I shall send you miles beyond yours. This is positively your last chance. Will you talk?!



4 thoughts on “Bunker Pulp Fiction Excerpts

  1. just curious, is the title of the book correct.
    i saw a copy on amazon but the description does not match withe story posted here…. thanks

    • The title was later changed from “Confessions of a Naked Piano Player” to “From a Kneeling Position.” But it’s the same book.
      Also, there are more than one story in the book

      PS: Anything by Torsten Barring is worth the reading.

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